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sora x kairi
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  • Yes, the picture is me hugging the sweetness straight out of you. ^-^ Then lets see how you like this story: Fuck Yeah Comics Baby!
    Sorry for late reply. I have been extremely busy with school, work and hobbies.

    Thanks! I really like your avatar too. It's very sweet =)
    In America, the term is most commonly associated with a student who has entered or is in the 10th grade within a high school. Besides, i'm 15. That should be expected of me.
    It's okay if you didn't know, I didn't expect the term to be used in the same manner outside of America anyway.
    Dunno, the only other games I played were X, XII and a Crystal Chronicles. So maybe I'm more casual than others
    *isnt used to so many compliments* Your sweeter than candy. TuT
    Read that link? =3
    Aw, how depressing. School environments need some color to add some liveliness to an otherwise not to happy atmosphere, I think.
    I've been doing ok I guess.
    Besides being on the forums, I have trying to get straight A's in school right know since I am in my sophomore year, so yeah.What about you?
    Haven't been doing much, just going to classes, getting my work done, that kind of thing. And don't worry about the late reply!
    Oh, I do not envy you. xD Doesn't sound like a lot of fun.

    And yeah, Computing. I suppose that would have been a better way to put it. lol
    Its been going pretty good. ^^ I've got a few moments to relax right now. I'm going to be starting a programming class tomorrow, so i'm excited about that. How has your day been?
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