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  • Awww, then you should join sometime then! You can meet my friends there. They're all really nice and fun! :D

    Throwing out a question! XD
    What kinds of games do you like? ouo
    Yea i was never big on magic keyblades, but if they raised my magic and my strength then thats the one for me haha Donald was SOOOOO USELESS! I swear goofy healed me more than donald ever did! And thats all i really needed him for! Besides that he was just in the way, ineffective, always helping the other partner character, never keeping the one that matters alive, always dying first. Donald was the worst support character. Every world i went to I was like, "Quick! Wheres the other disney character! Don't fuuck this up Donald. Just survive one battle, and then i can replace you! Fuucking Donald!!!! Can you ever stay alive!? "
    Oblivion is a pretty awesome keyblade! What sucks is that you dont get one winged angel and diamond dust in the original KH. Im glad they are in kh: fm but we got a while before we get to see that haha I thought one winged angel was a broom when i first saw it. I was like =_='... Really KH. You were perfect until this. Then i saw what it was and i was like finally!!! A game they did right!
    I guess I can take that as a hint that you are somewhat similar to Sora in character? ^__^

    That's good to hear. I'm quite attached to this place, as much as RL allows me to, *ggg*.
    Haha, now that's a confident and straightforward answer, just like your name-sake. ^__^

    Glad to make acquaintances. Hope this place here is to your tastes. ;)
    Thanks for the friend request dude
    OMG I have the plush too. XD
    The drop gauge goes down through out the time your playing. When it goes to Zero you "drop" meaning switch characters. You can also drop whenever you want to. The gauge resets each time you drop.
    Riku's cool, but I can't lie that Sora interacting with the Dream Eaters is so cute and fun. (Not to mention OP).
    Hahaha yea he is! The worst part about it is that in KH2 he is no where ear that hard. I actually beat him in KH 2 before i did in KH. Matter of fact, I beat him upon my first series of attempts when i tried in KH2, but in KH I literally decided it was hopeless, lost several memory cards, waited about 3 1/2 years, then finally gained the courage and prowess to beat him.
    HAhaha I remember that feeling... Then i remember picking it up and straining so hard just to put it back down without feeling it was going to break. I dont know if the thought of not being able to play KH stopped me, or the fact that i realized TV's are actually heavy as shit! And tossing that one out the window was close to impossible at the age of 15 hahaha
    Haha its so funny cause i scream when he bout to kill me as well, hence forth... Im screaming the entire time that im fighting him. Getting in close is the only way to really kill him. That and using limits, but the battle is gonna take forever without Ultima weapon. Which in turn means more screaming in my case haha, but his health doesn't even go down at first. The first time i fought him was like, "Wtf? Whats this? OMG Im about to have to fight this huge ass monster from hell, that can probably... WTF!?!?!? SEPHIROTH!?!?!?!? Aww shit..." Weeoooweeoooweeoooweeeooo "IM GONNA GET ONE COMBO IN!!!!!!!!" Does nothing to his health, "WTF!?!?!?!?!" Teleport, Sora, "Awww" Me, "Oh.... My.... God..."
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