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  • Then we have to balance out the dark with the light! :D

    Haha, my attempts at advertising "internet Disneyland" as the theme for our new motto failed because it wasn't catching on and nobody got the hint.
    Speaking of motto, eventually we're gonna have to do something about that whole "selling your soul to KHI thing" xD It's legit scaring people away lol

    But we've got something planned for that ;D
    Couldn't have done it without ya~ :D

    Everything we do, we do for everyone~
    Mission accomplished B)

    Ohhhhhh, so that's what you mean! To jaxx! Awaaaaaaay~
    Oooo yeah, that's sounds neat! I'll relay this to jaxx later when he comes online since he's the one making the skins now.

    Yes please xD I feel like I'm thinking about something completely different lol

    I just had to ask you <3 It'd be blasphemous if I didn't ;D
    I'm doing good! This is my one week off before I start school again (since we go by the quarter system) so I've been taking it easy~

    More forum skins, right? Are there any in particular that you'd like? Haha, personally I'd love a Type-0 theme~ Can you go a little more in depth about status updates? In regards to the merchandise section, I guess there isn't enough news to warrant one? During news droughts, merchandise news is what keeps FoKH active, so I don't think anyone would want to split that up either.

    rofl yeah, rep will probably never come back. Starts waaaay too many problems. This contest/challenge idea is really neat though, so I'll relay that!

    Really? Seemed like a good length to me :3 Thanks for all your help, sora!
    Soraaaaaaaaa~ What's up? I feel like we haven't talked in ages! :D

    Okay so yeah, I do have an ulterior motive for this random message lol. I'd really like to hear your input regarding KHI! What would you like to do or see (contests, activities, etc.)?
    aww thats so cool Sora buddy :D I'm doing great, finally playing KH 3DS and loving it :D your my best friend on here heh.
    Yeah, It's strange how some people say Lucy is weak when she had alot major battles and even fought with her whip at times. Lucy isn't the kind of girl to beat herself like that and I mean beat herself up. And Natsu would never replace her for Lisanna, he welcome them both. And makinf Lisanna out to be a monster or a bitch, she is shown to be caring and sweet.

    It's these cliches about a character being weak and helpless that makes me chose to prove them wrong that a character can be strong but not 'badass' as some want characters to be.

    Now I plan to do this whole mess with Lisanna properly by rewriting ALL of Fairy Tail in a alternate universe, where Lisanna did not go to Elodlas (yes that incident did happen but Natsu was with them) and a part of Team Natsu, not replacing Lucy as the cliche stories love to do. What will be easier, the anime, the manga, or both for reference to use?
    Hey Sora, how you doing? I got into Fairy Tail a few weeks ago and Finished 100 episodes, both subbed, Funimation dub, and Animax Dub. It's good, but there are some cliche stories involving.Natsu of all people replacing Lucy with Lisanna, completely contradicts their allies like Juliva and Wendy who helped them and could be offical members since they help them a few times.

    Does sound familiar to you?
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