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  • Yeah, it's a decent concept... I just think maybe it could be a bit less stretching out the forum when you post. :c scrollin' games aren't that fun.

    But whatever.
    I like the other one, but make sure you give credit to the person who created it (if you know) because I remeber seeing one like that someone on here before.
    I just read your newest thread and saw that you're gf dumped you. I'm sorry. That's why I haven't dated anyone yet. That and I just don't care to yet. But yeah...bummer :)
    I made it, just photoshopped an old screenshot. cut and pasted helmet into his hand copied vens head changed some colors, smoothed everything out, et voila!
    I had an ortho when I was like 13 so this was just a cleaning. And I was told that I have cavities for the first time in 18 years so now I have to brush with special toothpaste and mouthwash. I was stuck with visible braces when I had mine. Is that what you have? Or do you have the special invisible ones?
    I know right!? So what's up. I"ve been busy with school (and I guess you have been too). And today I had to go to the dentist.
    I didn't ask but good choice^^
    Mine would be the Kingdom Key. The original.
    Lol.... His keyblade is kinda.... Out there... I mean .... Its not exactly macho for a guy to be able to "Unlock peoples hearts" ...lol j/k
    It's a good choice ^^.
    So what do you think of Riku?
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