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  • I'm sorry that I didn't look at your thread yet. My laptop was down for a couple of days and I couldn't get on. I will look now and tell you what I think. Here it is: It's doesn't go together. I think you need to read the 'Everything we know about BBS so far' thread. But don't worry. Most of my thoughts have been shot down by people, so keep trying.

    Oh yeah! How are you?
    the more you post ..the higher your experience bar goes up ..everytime the experience bar becomes full ..your level increses by one and the experience bar resets ..from there you do it all again ..im not sure how many posts it takes to fill up the experience bar though
    You're welcome for the tip. And I'm happy that I joined on your birthday. And to start a thread all you need to do is go into the section of whatever topic you want to talk about, click on the Forum Tools tab and it's the first one on the list.
    You really need to make intelligent posts within topics. If you want to tell someone something. Such as you did about the sig in the White Mushroom thread, you need to put that in someone's VMs. That's why I left this for you instead of putting it in the thread.

    Oh yes! Welcome to the forums.
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