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  • Oh i have 2.5remix :) and erm i mostly try to fit the game in but sometimes drawing and reading manga XD but i do play 1.5remix to gain more stuff i got sora on there to a level 100 last year i think ;) My free times bot really good :) r you alright :)
    Yes. xD

    Then you'll be sad to know that Kh2's critical is the hardest one. xD
    That's actually not surprising. You can beat all the bosses at 50 long as you have once more and second chance on critical.
    I wish KH1 had got a theater mode. >_<
    You will need to gather all the Xehanort reports in BBS to unlock things like Secret and Final episode. =3

    I'm skeptical personally. I've been here for so long and went so long without any news but once or twice a year it leaves me a little skeptical. xD
    You posted it on your own page again. xD

    If your having trouble on proud don't try critical. Even small heartless can kill you.
    Okay, if that's what you think.
    I actually have a hard time picking out fav characters after Sora i kinda like them all. Haha.
    I am finally in TWTNW in KH iI FM. Roxas was hard on proud mode! I died over and over, but finally stocked up with some elixers and beat him. Phew!
    The scene of Roxas and Axel saying farewell, Good-bye Buddy, was so sad i cried. The voice overs sure were done perfectly though!
    You posted it on your own page. Was wondering why I didn't see it.

    It's not harsh. Nothings wrong with them but I don't care for them particularly over anyone else either.
    Ouch! Aqua is awesome, but don't you think that is a harsh way to put that?
    What is wrong with Sora and Riku I ask you...?
    lol That's alright.
    Not private but people rarely view messages. To send a truly private message you click the option to on your settings.
    Well there's an albums option for an account but I'm not sure if it still works. Last I heard it's been messed up since the last update.

    I got plenty of theories albeit closed. xD

    Aqua. To hell with everyone else. 8D
    That's your title. It changes as your post count gets higher. After you reach 1000 you'll be able to alter it as you wish. =3

    There's a creative section for posting digital or handdrawn art images if thats' what you mean.

    I had to answer these here. The mods will cry that the thread was derailed. Dx
    If you want to know more just click the "view conversation" in the top right of this message box and we can send messages. ^_^
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