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    A Look Back: KH2 Ultimania, Nojima Interview

    Always interesting and fun even going back and reading these Ultimanias. Especially for one of my all time favorite games. It's kinda funny looking back at given how they wanted to wrap up certain mysteries from the first game only now they've basically opened Pandora's box and the plot threads...
  2. Sorakh212

    Naoki Yoshida on FFXVI: "Kingdom Hearts team has been especially helpful"

    No surprise there all things considered. Figured they had quite the history with one another lending each other hands here and there and what not. I'm curious and somewhat cautiously optimistic to see how FFXVI turns out.
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    See Destiny Islands in all new detail thanks to Kingdom Hearts 0.2 hack

    I love it when certain tech savvy people, be they hackers, modders, or just good programmers, show us stuff like this in video games. What's particularly impressive about this one is the level of detail in the island especially when compared to KH1. This really makes me even more psyched for...
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    News ► Version 1.02 Patch released for KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2

    Hope they patch or fix the whole you can't use items after a certain point especially during boss battles. I mean I can understand if that just so happens to be a certain handicap or limit they have so that people don't abuse or overuse items but it's still stupid imo because we don't get any...
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    Watch the KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Opening!

    When I initially hear this song I really wasn't a fan of it but it's sort of grown on me a little after watching the official intro. Still not one of my favorite choices but it's quite suiting. Also ohh man that Sora hand grab at the end! :D
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    Aqua Chose Sora Theory

    It certainly would have been an interesting revelation to see in BBS but honestly I think you're reading into this too much here. Aqua already accidentally bestowed her keyblade or powers to Kairi and even if it's possible for one wielder or master to do it for multiple people I still don't see...
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    Who's gonna wait till 1/24 after KH 2.8 comes out in japan?

    I'll most likely be going on an internet blackout or at least very specific KH related sites for the entirety of that week and a half or however long it is between Japan and U.S. release. It wouldn't be the end of the world if something major got spoiled, seriously it's happened several times...
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Gameplay Footage from Playstation Access

    Man this looks amazing! I can't wait to see an upload without face cams and commentary. It was certainly nice to get a better look at .2 and what's in story with 2.8 Firaga is pretty much Mega Flare now too holy shit that was huge and powerful looking. Can't wait to see what else is in store and...
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Off Screen Gameplay from TGS 2016

    Good find! I seriously hope Sony releases this demo on PSN soon. I'd love to play it and see what it's like for myself. It looks like they've changed and or improved quite a bit since last we say this at E3. Wish somebody could just capture gameplay footage instead of having to record with a...
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    What order should we play Kingdom Hearts 2.8 in?

    I'll most likely end up playing DDD, then watching back cover, followed by playing 0.2 What I anticipate the most though is 0.2, followed by back cover, and lastly DDD. I already beat DDD on 3DS back in 2012 so for me it's all about experiencing the new content and seeing what it has to offer...
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    Something sorta obvious and really dark I noticed from the demo footage...

    It's tough to say because while they very well may have been these aforementioned townsfolk or people you mentioned they may just be hearltess in the realm of darkness that reside there or that devoured the world to begin with. Either way I don't really think it will have all that much of a...
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    Could Terra be in The Realm Of Darkness?

    FAIR SPOILER WARNING!!! I saw an extended gameplay version of the trailer and it turns out that it's just an illusion or memory of Terra. /END SPOILER WARNING!!! To answer your question though as to the possibility of Terra being in the realm of darkness...hmm... I mean I suppose it's certainly...
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    Master of Masters Theory

    It's certainly a possibility and an interesting theory. I wonder if the master of masters even had a keyblade though sometimes. Kind of like how Yoda is a Jedi Master in Empire but never used a weapon. I doubt that will be the case in KH3 but it would definitely be interesting to see something...
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    Music you'd like to hear rearranged for 0.2

    I seriously doubt we'll be getting THAT many new tracks for a tiny portioned segment with Aqua but I bet we'll be getting one or perhaps a few new tracks. Some I'd like to see return and that make sense to me would be some like the following...
  15. Sorakh212

    Daybreak Town and Twilight Town

    Interesting thought and speculation. I mean that might just be some kind of Easter Egg or hell even a coincidence of some sort, but I have been wondering lately what the fat of Daybreak Town is. Could it possibly have been destroyed and what's left is now the Keyblade Graveyard or did it somehow...