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  • x3 ur parents r dumb, kids grades lower cause their either getting high, pregant, or have no fucking interest.
    i fell under the cataory of no fucking interest XD

    yep, all teh reasons why riku's story>>>>>>>>>>>>>>soras.
    T^T i just finished love hina.......
    its always so depressing when u end a manga......

    :D im over it, ur grounded but they let on the computer?

    trust me riku's is funner, it has a locked deck, and u can use his darkness >:)
    low hp run, hmm never thought of doing that.

    i always play riku's story, tho the few times i play sora i go without sleights.
    i even beat proud that way, all u need if like 30 lvl 7-9 cards, 3-4 cure, and 3-4 0 cards :d
    x3 thats what we thought here when the orginal kh2 came out XD

    it took a final mix to redeem it.
    days was disappointing to, it drug out to long and the panel system is stupid.
    You are close! Good luck. I`ll be fine, it`s not like I`ve never been tired before. : )
    I`m tired out from running around after my little cousin all day. She has endless energy. I`m doing well though. How bout you?
    You need to use the DVD swap magic.

    And, when I say to reset it, I mean it absolutely cannot have the disc and memory card symbol appear. You have to reset until it doesnt pop up.
    Dont be sorry, I just wish I could help more. Its so hard to do these things without seeing it done in person. And yeah its NTSC that could maybe make it work
    OK maybe (this worked once for me)

    Maybe you need to change the Video Mode to NSCE or whatever it was.
    I dont have a video camera, but I do think I know what your problem is. You have to use the DVD Disc
    It wont work if you press the disc on the browser screen. You literally have to just keep resetting until no menus come up, and it gos straight to the game.
    I didnt look it up or anything, its just my personal experiance. It NEVER worked for me unless the game autostarted and the Options menu thing didnt appear. It autostarted the first time I tried it, so I knew that the swap magic worked. But then when it the game did not autostart and I manually did it, it failed to work. It works 100% of the time for me if it autostarts, but then doesnt work if the opposite happens.
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