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  • Spuuuurks. Im GREAT just came back on a whim and thought "woah how is amber? "

    How are you? Its been almost a year!
    Yeah. I enjoy reading them and writing them all the same. I do try to expand my horizons though, but in reading, not in writing.
    You know, I haven't thought about it until now lol. I'm more into fantasy and action adventure.
    That could be an option. I'll have to think about that.

    Yeah, I had other choices but ultimately chose English because I've been writing stories since I was a kid. It became a big part of my life.

    Just like old times! I'd get on there, but unfortunately I'm like really tired. See you later, then?
    Yeah, and that. I don't think I'll live in dorms though--that's something I really have to think about. I know people who have had bad experiences with dorms.

    I decided I'm going to major in English. Writing's been a passion of mine for a while.

    To tell you the truth, I'm really nervous. I couldn't wait to graduate, but now that I'm actually this close to graduating I'm realizing now how much I'll miss my high school. But it's funny, though. The college I'm going to will just about have mostly everyone in my grade there, so I at least will be with some of my friends. But nervousness aside, I'm still kinda excited to be finally going on a college campus for once. Will be an awesome experience for sure :)

    That's a shame. And you're staying? Sweet! Maybe we could hang out at the new Dream Eaters thread...
    I'm great. About to graduate in a few weeks (May 30th is my last day of school). Overall, I'm just trying to get used to being more independent.

    You're the first persom from the Unversed thread that I've seen in a while. Death and Beebop haven't been on in ages. I'm the only one left :(
    OMG im sorry!!! my lips shall be sealed here! Soooooo, u wanna start first with it?
    Hey, there's a request in the shop that you might wanna take. Aldrain below already mentioned it, I see, but it's yours for the taking.
    You should hurry up and snag that request before I change my mind about letting you and Triskix duke it out.

    Hey, Sparks! I've added you to the shop with your bio and banner. Welcome to Madman's! :)
    Man, we'd be glad to accept you into the shop. You're a really good tagger and you're our senior, so we'll have you to look up to. :)

    Preferred Nickname/Name:
    What program you use/prefer:
    Years of tagging/graphics work:
    Why you want smile dip and world domination:
    A little bit about yourself:
    What services you offer (would you be willing to do more than tags/avatars, like tutorials or wallpapers?):

    Just fill out that app and we'll get you added.
    Well then, I would talk to D.D.D, and let her know I referred you :D She can have you fill out a bio and she can post a sig wall of your work, if you provide one. Welcome aboard!
    ;-; omg im watching the music video for small bump. this is so adorable. he looks like ron weasley lol wtf
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