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  • You're welcome! =) And thank you for sharing it with me!

    I almost mistook Aida for being human. Like, I would not of expected her to be a succubus because, she showed she had feelings. And that's what I love about this story. You can't believe everything you read because, there's so many unexpected twists. <3 Which is really different because, I haven't read too many novels like that at all. Or tell it as well as you do. And now, I understand Rosso a bit better. Otherwise, I'd be quite frighten of him, or what would set him off it weren't a second personality. lol. I see TMI inspired you, huh? XD Ouch. I'm not sure I'd want to know what pure pleasure/pain would be like from a runner. xD Then I look forward to the day you publish this to know what they're bond is like. And my pleasure! I love reading anything you write!

    Aw, you're welcome! I'm happy it could make your day because, you definitely deserve the award. <3
    I've been meaning to read this, since you've sent it to me. xD

    You know, it's almost kind of deceiving reading this. I almost felt pity for Aida until Rosso took her out. I take it the rest of them were taken care of Rosso too? Or was it the thing that Azul seems to be upset about? The amount of gore was quite eye widening because, I let out a few curses reading that part. Goodness, I would not wanna be Aida or anyone else in that room at all. That was quite horrifying. Most of all, you wrote that part extremely well! I also like this version much better because, I like the setting and how things unfold as Atero follows Aida into the den of Ouroboros. You also the wrote the part with Aida making out with Atero incredibly well too. Nice to see all three of them come together towards the end there too. I really love this first chapter, even if it isn't finished. <3 Thanks for showing it to me, Spirit!
    I beat three of the mushrooms of Mushroom XIII in Twilight Town. Now, I need to do is beat Mushroom XI in Twilight Town.
    I have a few members of Mushroom XIII left to beat, some in Twilight Town, Radiant Gardens, one in Port Royal and a few left in The World That Never Was.
    I beat Terranort in Radiant Gardens but I didn't unlock the secret episode. Do I need to get all the Mickey logos even though I played all three on Proud Mode?
    I have been having trouble with drawing and I got frustrated. I am a little depressed right now. Happy New Year to you to.
    I know this is long overdue, but it's up to you if you'd like to continue this or not. Considering we talk on facebook occasionally too. xD And with a new year approaching, could always start over, or something too.

    I forgot why you decided to call me 'Lady KK, mistress of autumn candy.' xD Goodness, it's hard to believe your story is coming to an end. I feel a bit sad, cause it was one of my favorite kingdom hearts stories to follow for so long.

    You were right about me turning into a pro when it came to crocheting. xD I still need to start another one because, I miss doing something with my hands. I'll probably do another blanket. No idea who it'll be for though. And maybe one day, you'll find to try it again. And yeah, keeping a steady hand at first can be hard. :3 Spring and fall cleaning are certainly the best. And wow, that's impressive you're working out so much and alternating a lot between arms and core! :O I'm even more impressed you cool down by running two miles.

    You think One Piece will be ending soon?

    How are you liking volume 4 of RWBY btw? Actually, I think RWBY was turned into a game last year, and it's suppose to come out to the PS4 this upcoming year? Or at least, I remember that being posted in the thread recently. Did you keep watching JoJo Bizarre Adventure? xD Well, it's up to you if you're interested in Tiger and Bunny. It took me two years to actually watch it all the way through to the end, cause I kept dropping it much to Mite's dismay. lol. Saitama. I hope there's more OPM on toonami next year, cause it was fun to watch it this year on my television. Ah, Nisekoi... it does certain things well, but it's ending still makes me throw my hands up in disbelief. World Trigger can certainly be meh. Through sheer force of will was I able to read it. xD Whereas My Hero Academia was awesome. There'll be another season of it next year. Including Attack on Titan based on the anime chart. Think you'll watch Boruto? Since that'll be an anime next year too?

    It's going to be a long, long wait for season 7 of Game of Thrones. Actually, it's hard to believe we've went through so many seasons of it already. Last year's season was still arguably the best since season one of it. I'd like it if Jon stuck with Sansa too. Arya, I don't think she has too many left on her list to get revenge on. Of course, the white walkers will be an issue. And I think Cersei's enemy will end up being Jamie in some kind of betrayal after watching that one episode with a prophecy about her.

    Bleach coming to an end was a blessing. I probably shouldn't have laughed, when the mangaka was told to end it sooner than expected, but it did. And I'm okay with the pairings. I suspected Orihime was going to be who Ichigo ended up with. If Bleach gets a sequel, I'm hoping somebody can do it justice without running it into the ground. But I'll wait and see if that rumor comes true. You?

    Whenever you make something, always feel free to tell me about it. :D I like your story ideas as much as your artwork. Definitely a fan of your stuff, so I'm good with anything you show me.

    True. The second time around on genocide route with Undyne was surprisingly more easier compared to when I went into it blind a year ago. xD I've been to Cincinnati a few times, actually! I remember going for a half marathon, and for a road trip to see museums and stuff. :D

    So your mom likes to read a lot too? It's really cool how your mom got you into reading those books too. I'm the same way, cause my mom loves to read. Although, she can't read books more than once. (I usually read books over and over. xD Except it depends on the book, and if the story isn't too fresh in my mind.) I'm sorry your mom didn't have time to read books as much as she used to. I hope she's able to read again whenever she gets free time, cause books are the best. <3

    Oh! That's smart, actually! Unlike me, I had a farmers tan this year. Except it's faded now. xD I think it's common to have ones thighs still white in the summer, unless you're sitting outside a lot with the sun on them. So you don't like the rain?

    Eight horses or eight rabbits? xD
    Then you should, if you wanna try writing it. I'd definitely read it if you wrote anything erotic. XD Or you could make it hilarious by saying, 'I couldn't stop feasting my eyes off of these mangos, they're so soft and warm and look good enough to touch'. lol. XD

    Sora's crown would look good on the back of your hand. I suppose it'd depend which way it faces though. :3 Otherwise, thank you for explaining the process to me. I figure it'd take a few hours, but I'm always wondering what the process on the color itself was. Anyways, it'll depend on what I want to do next year, and how much money I have and stuff.

    Aw, that's absolutely a cute and adorable name for your first bunny! <3 It's good you got a well nearby to haul water around for your plants. Well, not at the moment, since the ground is hard and the snow is on the ground. I'm sure next summer we'll be getting more and more plants. XD I'm hoping to get more lilac's, since the ones in our backyard died one year due to a hard frost. </3 As for clay, yeah, it's not really good for any kind of plant. Although, the raspberry bushes we planted out there somewhat survived. Like three out of five of them lived. ouo
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