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    in search of release date, freaky link

    great another lying n00b *rolls eyes* you guys dont believe him his a stupid little n00b who makes up storys just to get attention so yea this topic will be locked in no time
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    Demix, Xaldin and BHK friends artwork!

    wow that is.....awesome!!!!!!! where did u find that
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    I cant believe that Atlantica is back!

    how do we kno atlantica is back???? wheres it say that??/ im confused @.@
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    post quizes that u have taken online that u like so others can take them http://www.crush007.com/love.cgi?id=1122919363rmw [WARNING: Quiz will ask for personal details. Also, it will use your e-mail and junk, which will all be sent to a random kid] ~_~ --MF
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    i want to see the Magus Sisters!!!! they kick ass in ffX
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    do u think sora and kairy would have a relationship?

    no they're going to grow up old and alone with their 27 cats meow
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    My Thoughts.

    wow i never thought of that good theorys
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    Less appealing?

    ah alas our faithful KH2 begins to die *sigh* we knew ye well yes KH2 has lost its luster but it is just part of growing up... u begin not to care about the things u used to care about as u get older.. its a part of life...and u begin not to care about it more as the time we have known about it...
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    why would pirates of the carribean be in KH2 it has no affiliation to Disney or does

    KL i swear if u hate this level soooooooo much then dont buy the game simple as that god some ppl over a game!!! its just a game ITS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!! god some ppl >_<
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    Partial face shot of Enigmatic Man

    first off this is a stupid excuse for a topic secondly u cant judge a character by their noses KL this is just art things can change once they r put into 3d format and now (so u wont yell me for oposing u) i bow down to ur greatness *bows* (dont hell at me dont yell at me) no1 can be shure of...
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    Post Your Desktop!! [56K Warning]

    its easy CHARLIE AND CLAIRE!!!! http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v318/lilballerxz92/mydesktop.jpg
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    Jak 4: The Dark Makers Legacy (my concept)

    Intro a world in peril.... a mysterious stranger....and the shocking proof to who the Darkmakers really are basicly this game is based off the dark makers revenge against earth and thier quest for more power thefirst dark makers are the 4 researchers talked about in the first post they were...
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    Steamboat Willie?

    wat r u kidding me u kids these days dont kno nothing about good television aww i remember when it was first broadcasted .... *mumbles on about steamboat willie for abot an hour* and that is the story of steamboat willie hehehe but i think its abot time for a nap yes sir e yep....just mickey and...
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    what would u call the BHK

    I KNO ITS THE BEST NAME EVA the suspence must be killing u... almost there..... BHK aka Butthead Holding Key lol ^_^ but yea i dont kno wat to name him....
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    How many org members die???

    plz tell me im working on a theorie in both reverse rebirth and the normal game thanx in advance ^_^