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  • !!

    See what I mean. I don't like waiting when it comes to things like that. Guess you could call it impatient if that's how it feels. lol

    Yeah still the same plans. I just don't know what UC I would want to go to.. My friends want me to go to UC Santa Cruz..But I might want to go To UC Santa Barbara.. Hehe but it's just gonna depend how I do first.. xD

    Haha oh yes now I remember. Well maybe you will get it for Christmas.. Would you be able to wait a few months after it came out though??
    Haha is that so?? You had better... :D

    It's boring cause it takes forever. Then it sucks even more when it's hot or cold. More so I just wanted to get it over with. Lol really?? Well tell them congrats for me. ;)

    I might have told you before... I am going to SBCC first and then go to a UC once I gotten what is required to transfer where I want. Though I might end up doing some other things along with it as well. I just want to see how things go and well... See...

    Oh it's the silver one right?? Are you saving the cash for it yet?? lol
    I have a problem where I just can't stick to one character. It might be that this expansion is nearly over and since the next one is going to drastically enhance lvling, I don't see a point in lvling further.

    If you are Horde I might make a character on your realm, I don't know if I'll stick to it though. I want to avoid "alt-o-holism".
    Bwah bwah bwah bwah welcome to western rpgs, no Kuja-pretty-boys allowed :)
    Haha I didn't take offense to it. I get it that sometimes you just want to come on and check for updates. Perfectly understandable. :)

    Lol yeah I did graduate. It was like the boring graduation ever. First it was hot then it was cold, and I got a stuffy nose. It was ridiculous. I guess you could say everyone got out a week ago. Well the others at least. Hence I was spaced out. Lol I haven't smoked anything. Promise! xD

    Yep. I start college in August as well. Most likely I will probably be busy afraid to say. Were you really busy your first year?? Like A LOT??

    Wait though I don't remember.. Do you have a PSP yet??
    Lol when you wrote it seemed like maybe I was. xD

    Yes I got out already. We are finally on vacay. Hmmm..It doesn't seem very exciting to me yet. Why?? Should it be?? Haha I could have gone..but, I didn't even know when it was at. I spaced out for a few weeks you see. :D

    Yes I do read it. I just wasn't as excited as everyone else. lol Well perhaps the BbS date, but not super excited cause it's during when we have to go back too school. I would rather play in the summer. =/

    Oh right the DS one huh...I wonder if it will be fun though...Hmmm...Then when would it come out...

    Lol I'm so negative...
    If I plan to continue WoW, then I'll get the expansions.

    WoW: Cataclysm changes the old world(lvl1-60) permanently, you will never be able to see old Azeroth(on live servers) again after Cata is released.

    There are 5 dragon "aspects" which rule over the 5 dragonflights

    Red, Green, Bronze, Blue, and Black

    Neltharion, now known as "DeathWing" will awaken and rip through the elemental planes into Azeroth, causing the Cataclysm.

    Deathwing was originally just a unique controllable Dragon unit in Warcraft II, his story was expanded to show that he's the progenitor of the Black Dragons and will serve as the primary villain of this expansion.

    This is his eldest son, Nefarian


    And this is Deathwing

    Oh am I a bother or something?? lol

    Well that's cool. You should hang with your friends all you can. You should go out somewhere!

    Huh?? Oh the news.. Right.. Cool I suppose. Are you excited about it?? :D
    Oh I'm glad I didn't spoil you then, whew.

    Well good news is you'll get a LOT of quests and interaction with Arthas, this was worse for me as I wanted to see more of Ner'zhul but he's barely mentioned in WoW(if you didn't know he was the Orc Shaman who became the original Lich King).
    Lol you lurker! You don't want to be bugged do you?? xD

    I just came back on from my little break of not having internet connection.. *again* Oh wells..

    Where are you?? :D
    Hi Spyells! Listen, I'm really sorry for not posting on the rp, I've just been so busy. But if you're willing to conitinue with it, I promise to post as soon as possible. :)
    Here are the most vicious voices in Warcraft I've heard

    1. Undead: The Lich King

    YouTube - Trial of the Crusader Intro to Anub'arak with Lich King (HD)

    and extras

    YouTube - The Lich King Audio Part 1

    2. Ragnaros(Fire elemental)

    YouTube - Ragnaros Arrival Dialogue

    3. Anub'arak from Warcraft 3(they changed his voice into something worse in WoW, here's the warcraft 3 voice).

    YouTube - Anub'arak reveal
    I think I'm attached to my newly made Undead Death Knight on the server Thrall. I do sure love the forsaken(free undead allied with the horde).
    Heheh maybe. Currently leveling a dwarf hunter on another server and a draenei priest on another! So many characters :s I just want to stick to one.
    Heheh maybe. Currently leveling a dwarf hunter on another server and a draenei priest on another! So many characters :s I just want to stick to one.
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