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    I hate elves! (sorry kinda true).

    I don't know, I have a problem with being split between too many characters.I might make a character there if I have the time.
    Ey, Im turning bored of my hunter right now. What is your realm+character name, I could play some WoW on your server a bit and impart you my WoW wisdom, which I am sorry to say consists of absolutely nothing.
    Well I haven't been on either. Been doing work. I need 3.5 units to graduate. With community service still to do. >_< Ughh....

    Haha well I was gonna go into psychology...

    You'll be on when your on! :)
    awww im sorry to here that. Better luck next time. It might be because you were a freshmen this year.
    Oh so your back?? lol

    Decided to go and do school work and finals all week??

    Oh and you can complain to me anytime too! xD
    I must have?? Or it was pretty late at night and gonna get off anyways. Though I'm back once again. For now! :D *Edit* Or was on.

    Busy! Oh I know. I don't like working with group either. I rather like doing stuff by myself because I can actually get stuff done faster like that. Oh essays do suck. You must have something by now?? So much for college being easy. I really thought so.

    Well at least your computer is safe for now. That virus is really hard to get rid of sometimes. At least you finally got a guarantee. I learned that the hard way. hehe

    Well maybe you should try and change that when you are less busy?? You might meet someone and be happy. Well it's not like your not now. Though you know what I mean. Oh I'm glad you told me about your friends social life. lol. It so matters. xD

    Haha sure?? ;)
    Aww cool its good to know i could help :D
    cool can't wait to hear about it
    I didnt get an interview at all I believe I applied to early to be considered since I applied in the fall for the summer position. I didn't mind too much it wouldn't be the money I need and I did get an RA position at my college so I get way more out of that.
    Well I am a seer into the future after all. lol :O

    It's nice I suppose. Or considerate if that's better. haha

    I didn't know that's why. Though seeing as I like to know random information. I thought i would entail you to know. xD Probably already did I bet. I watch the news after all. *rabbits* lol
    Haha I just got the feeling that you were!~~ ;)

    Lol I was kidding. I just probably won't come on everyday. I am just getting a life now?? nah. jk Glad I would be missed. xD

    Cause today is a horrible day! Not only is everyone smoking their brains out but, it's Hitlers birthday today. D:
    Lol maybe you should. Then you wouldn't be so busy multitasking. Doing that now?? :O

    Haha awww oh well I can do that. Unless I am busy... Or I might disappear completely?! *oh*

    hehe I just realized it's 4/20... My my......
    Haha yeah I like getting that stuff done the first day. I usually don't have any by the time I have to go back. I usually don't procrastinate unless I am really out of it. Not this time though... hehe...........

    Plus I haven't been on here everyday either. So i am just stopping by. Then I will probably disappear again. :O lol
    Oh I never would have thought. I thought you loved homework. hehe yeah right... xP

    Lol yes teacher! xD

    Finally?? Haha lucky it didn't die on you! :O
    Haha sounds like something I wouldn't do. lol like for reals. xD

    Smoothies are good. I gotta say. Even so I don't get them that much. Cause it's kind of expensive. xP

    *tisk tisk* I am on now. Hehe
    You're welcome. :3

    It's getting home late that gets to me. Rehearsals can go until eleven at times, and then there's homework on top of that.
    I used to play piano but I sucked at it. Still, I hope you pass it.
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