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  • uncle ruckus????? what? anyways, it seems you aen't even trying to defend avatar as an anime anymore. and i tihnk you know why it isn't either.
    i was simply replying to Hokage and i was honest. Not a good line? maybe but it was the truth and would not have replied at all if Hokage didn't ask. Anyways im keeping true to my word of not posting unless necessary and i'd rather clarify things with you than on the thread. Anyways hope we good now
    um no....are you trying to understand, your like my ex, always tries to twist the idea. And i'm white myself, so i can't be racist against my own race

    anyways, not anyone can make authentic anime or manga, but they can all have anime-style or manga style.

    for example, manhwa and manhua (korean and chinese) often have anime-manga style, but it's never called manga (well i guess for tokyopop it does).

    manga has to be made in japan regardless of race and the most common anime and manga have japanese reference even if it takes place in another setting outside of japan.

    avatar isn ot anime what so ever, if anything it would be called american anime or korean anime, but that's not real anime
    anyways, if you want to insult, then let's not keep the discussion.

    but simply as a fact, anime style =/= anime, and the same for manga.
    usually, but the problem is it has american humour. Also it's not hypocritical, i was actually waiting for you to ask me that.

    the thing is avatar does not take place in china, or in the right timeline as other anime's have. I already said it had to be made in japan in order to be anime.

    If the series took place in china, then yes it would be considerably anime. but again it was made by americans. though it was made in korea, so if anything the most it would be called is korean anime. other than that, it's not real authentic anime.

    american anime is simply not anime. not due to racism but simply isn't anime by definition itself.
    thereis such anime, it's called red garden, they even changed the style to look slightly more american since it takes place in new york. despite taking place in america it's still anime because it was created in japan and not in america, so by definition it is anime and there is a manga version that was released in japan.

    avatar was made in america, it's techincally a cartoon series with anime/manga style. but to be honest, the story isn't that well. if you watch all the episodes in a row you can tell
    the most i'll accept is a merican anime, but that's still down graded.

    its anime wannabe, but not authentic. plus kung-fu doesn't make it anime. there are many american cartoons that have kng fu that aren't. but of course avatar was one to take it to more realistic aproach.

    either way, the series is not anime, it has chinese characters, not japanese. plus the comedy is clearly american
    umm...no, bu it technically does not count as anime, because one, it's based on chinese, not japanese.

    it's anime style, but not authentic anime.

    if you knew more on how it works, than you would know avatar isn't anime.
    lol....either way, avatar isn't anime.....and you know it. it was created by americans. if it was released in japan first, then i would believeit was anime, but it didn't.

    there's more to anime than "style". it's storyline and such. and i'm 100% sure you have not seen every anime ever. NO one likes all anime because there different types. i doubt you like kodomo and shojo type.
    lol......you don't know what makes anime, "anime".

    avatar has the typical old classic poses anime use to have, and has a little less original plot elements. typical hero trying to defeat a king with no real plot twist. everything was expected. plus ending wasn't so good.

    also they have chinese names but all of a sudden one of the babies that appeared in the show are named "hope"?
    avatar: the last airbender is not anime, although it looks like anime, the flow of the story and humor is pretty easy to tell it's american. plus it has alot of chinese references than japanese
    you always comment on steph-nee-chan's pics but not mine!! i see how it is...

    i wish i was mature and pretty T_T
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