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    Streets of Rage Remake v5 (final)

    SorR project this is easily the coolest freeware fan project i have ever seen. i played the earlier versions, and these guys know how to make games better than some professionals. it's not just a reconstruction of the old streets of rage games, it literally feels like a sequel the series...
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    just found the scarlett johansson sex tape

    this is what it was like when i came wCNICT2en_U
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    Help/Support ► HD- it's like, prettier.

    "is this a 6 or an 8?" -me playing disgaea 3 hell i cant even read the solid eye hud text in mgs4. can scarcely read text logs in dead space. at least vanquish has a setting that helps the game display better on standard-def tvs
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    Help/Support ► HD- it's like, prettier.

    worst part about hd: every video game developer thinks everyone has high-def tvs
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    ninjas killed my parents, help me get revenge

    _____________________________ 1_THLLhDvv0
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    i'll just leave this here

    xkcd: Sickness _______________________________
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    Lit ► True Grit: Coen Bros.-style

    Coen Brothers adaptation: RR_1z03CAj8 1969 John Wayne adaptation: tN-j4GDqjv4
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    official trailer for my new movie

    ________________________________ TNcWvyhm_k8
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    harlan ellison explains why you almost never see me post in the religion section

    too bad he thinks he's going to die pretty soon le-vDxmIKOI
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    Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage aka koei decided to make a decent game out of dynasty warriors

    the demo is now up on psn/xbox live. of course my friends and i tried it out as it is fist, but i did not expect much from it. turns out it's actually a decent game. i dreaded that it would be just another dynasty warriors, but koei seems to have taken it in a different direction. instead of...
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    Post here to get on the ban shortlist.

    he has been wrongfully banned also he was funnier than pretty much all of you faggots
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    Help/Support ► What can I do if somebody stole from me?

    buy an unregistered handgun and file off the production number and get shooting
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    your hopes and dreams

    post them so that you can admit to the universe that you know they will lie in ruin as you weep into your pillow at night mine's to destroy all your hopes and dreams if it doesn't take too much effort on my part also to make 2d fighting game about where you play as prominent figures of the...
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    sengoku basara 3: like dynasty warriors if it were actually fun and good

    Frriend picked it up and we've been playing two-player story mode and holy shit it's fun when you crank up the difficulty. I know it looks like dynasty warriors but there is much more going on behind the seemingly mindless gameplay. Sure you can run up and mash the standard attack button on...