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  • Oh cool! ^^ I definitely look forward to seeing yours! I hope I can get mine in order before the deadline. I'm thinking of something, but there's so much possibility that it might be longer than it needs to be, so I need to find a way to shorten it. XD; May the best writer win! :)
    Already?! XD Yeah, I'm hoping to write something horror based, but it can be tricky thinking of something original in that category.:/
    Oh my gosh, what happened? D: Sorry to hear that, but glad you are all right! ^_^ *hug*
    Kaichou wa Maid sama 85 v18 - Read Kaichou wa Maid sama 85 Online - Page 2 It's nearly over. ;A;
    They also haven't done a Psychic/Bug. The list goes on... My Fire Starter, the tiger, becomes Fire/Electric in its final stage. That's also never been done before. o_O
    I'm sure someone in GameFreak speaks English. XD They were able to release X and Y worldwide, meaning they were translating it as they went. Id love to make a huge region of unique pokemon and type mixtures. It still aggravates me that they haven't done a Grass/Dragon yet. Dx
    Thanks.^.^ Yeah, but I wonder if they would even hire a person who doesn't speak Japanese? XD And I dont even know where I would have to go.
    Yeah. But I guess i am more attached to these new ones than the ones from 4 or 5.*holds up a sign saying HIRE ME* Seriously, I have so many ideas! How about a Fairy/Flying Peacock, or a Dark/Bug Mosquito? ^_^ Sadly, I have a list for ideas that's longer than the 68 Kalos pokedex. XD
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