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  • Oh I see. Were they good? Which FFXIII? I see. Well I'm a follower of Jesus, now don't worry. I'm not gonna try and force my way of thinking down your throat or anything retarded like that. I love most...and my rage will only happen if someone is like the nazis or those who harm people. Just letting you know. Right here and now! I will love the %$#@ out of you! Sorry for the rant, hehe... Well I'm not too familiar with customs on Isalm, but I don't see the need for strict rules...Sorry don't mean to say anything I shouldn't. Big mouth of mine as always lead me to a punch in the face.
    That's true.. still, it would be awesome to find new worlds and meet them.

    Yep, always be prepared. I'm still deciding to get The World Ends With You or not.. I mean, the only thing that stops me is the steep learning curve of the battling skills.
    Sounds neat. :) I spent my time playing Dream Drop Distance treasure hunting to find some goodies and try to link/level up my Spirits to make them stronger.

    Yeah! :D Makes you wonder if they know about us?
    Sounds like you like to go star gazing, huh? :) I sometimes see stars when it's perfect night.

    So, what are you up to?
    Alright, thanks for letting me know. I have to wait a little longer to hear back from a few other people, since some of them aren't on, right now. And yes, you're a great writer! I liked what you've written so far. Should definitely keep at it. ;)
    I wasn't able to pm you, so, this will have to do.

    I wanted to know if you'd be willing to particapte in a contest in the Creative Writing Section or something along those lines? Considering you're a great writer and I've been asked to look for
    potential people who would like to participate. I'm waiting to hear back from anyone serious enough to literally do so. Should there be enough people, Passion will start running something like a contest. I don't know the details, but, thought you should know. Send me a pm, if you're interested and serious enough to give it a go.

    Or ideas on what could benefit the section into making it something greater.
    "Actually, I'm considering taking philosophy next year in high school."

    If you're interested, you'll like it! It really makes you think, and it doesn't always have a right answer because its nature.
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