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  • o_0 How far is 1K? Noooo dont go yet! We havent talked in so long and my time is so limited tonight! D8 </3
    =3 Kinda sounds like a war game a kid used to play when I was in school, obviously a different one but similar. How are you besides being trolled? xD
    =D Never heard of that game, is it fun? lol Sounds like you could troll his score in your sleep. xD
    TnT Thanks.....on a brighter side I fixed my ipod!!! 8D
    lol Sounds good! Didn't know ipods had scores. I'm tired, I worked 8 hours today and I got 10 tomorrow. What makes it tiring though is it's first of the month here and thats when all the bums get their free money.....the problem being the bums make up 98% of my state. Dx
    lol It's long to me then. xD That's a good troll! Did they stack them on the tables or just in big towers? lol
    xD lol Did he like the card? Was it a funny micky mouse card? =D
    I KNEW IT! You just give off that badass chick feel~ xD
    o_0 Two weeks is pretty dang long!
    xD lmao NICE! I haven't heard that joke before.
    lol The words all great women speak before they meet one they consider worth their time. Bruises? Sore? Be those battle scars? DID YOU FIGHT WITH YOUR WEAPONS!?
    ^-^ That's good, is the scouts thing over now?
    Oh, me? The first time I got through it, I was at level 42. ^^ Now, I'm on proud mode, still leveling up.
    Yeah, I am, actually. It's great to see him after so long. I'm playing KH3D right now.
    I think I've figured out your name, except for the "Y". What does that stand for?
    I dunno, why dont they eat clowns? *u*

    Hello! How is you today!? Still brandishing your weapons? How was your weekend? Meet the love of your life? xD
    Hi Aiko.^^ Sorry I'm not posting much in the poem thread, my brain's just not forming much today. XD
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