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    News ► Square Enix teases "the time to remember" in Kingdom Hearts Union X

    Currently playing through Part 1 of this event and something Gula said to Skuld made me raise an eyebrow; he'd already made several references how we're (Wielder and Skuld, but mostly Skuld) are like Master Ava, and he says "You really ARE just like Ava" it made me think of that theory of...
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    (SPOILERS) Strelitzia and the Darkness, my theory

    Spoiler Warning - this has lots of story spoilers and some things from KHIII in regards to Union-X! Theory One: The killer and the darkness is Luxu, the replacement is Ephemer. I think Luxu killed Strelitzia because he saw her as being the weakest of the five dandelion leaders and felt that she...
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    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest) Ever since KH2 dropped I've been wanting to see a Robin Hood world, which I think would fit in with the atmosphere of Kingdom Hearts rather well. Robin and Little John can be guest party members, the various rhinoceros, hippo & elephant guards can be bosses/enemies...
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    Alternate voice actors?

    I made this thread on the KH reddit and thought it would make an interesting topic here. So suppose if the VA's we got for the Kingdom Hearts Series (I-III and inbetween) weren't available for whatever reason, who would you have liked to see or rather hear instead? Some voices I would've...