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  • Yeah, same here. ^^
    That's what I'm hoping. I've talked to my dad about it and he seems fine with it, but I'm waiting until after the information meeting in April to tell my mom.

    Nah, your spelling is fine ^^

    So we're roughly 15 hours apart, I think. It's almost 8 PM right now.
    Ouch. Sounds like a difficult (and long) assignment. Hope your hand feels better :D
    Yeah, it's a really long trip. I want to go, but like I said, it all comes down to what my parents think.

    Haha, yeah. It's just a dream right now, but some day, I really want to make it a reality.

    Ooo, nice choice of vacations~ I'd like to go there as well ^^

    And good morning! What time is it right now? I'm trying to figure out what the time difference is between us.
    I haven't decided if I'll be going yet because I'll skip an entire quarter of classes and it's very expensive D: It's a 9 week trip to Japan. I heard last time, they were able to go to Studio Ghibli during the 1 week trip, so I really want to go. Plus, it's something good to put into my resume when I'm job hunting. But in the end, it depends on what my parents think. At the very least, I'll be going to the information meeting in April to find out more.

    Eh, not really. But I've been relying on people for so long, I think it's time for me to try and grow up and take care of myself as much as possible.

    But enough about me. How about you? Is there anywhere that you're interested in going to?

    Aww, thanks, you're so sweet <3
    Thanks :D I appreciate the compliments~ If all goes well, I'll be out around late Fall/early Winter next year. It depends. I may push it back one quarter because there's a study abroad trip I want to go on that'll be great for the experience.

    Yup ^^ The front page is updated first, and then it's straight to the Facebook :D

    Lol, thanks! 8D Anytime you need help, just ask! I'd be more than happy~
    Well, the other staff members may seem intimidating, but trust me, they're all really great people <3
    Not yet. Lately, I'm just improving my skills in modelling and texturing, so I've been making environments and small rooms. I'm working on my final right now, so I'll show you once it's done :D It won't be for another month though, but I'm going to put my all into it and ensure that it'll come out well.

    Yeah; it's been my dream since I was a kid to someday work for Square Enix and help develop games for them.

    So far it's enjoyable. I'm still learning the ropes and how things work, like with infractions and whatnot. I've mainly just been making the updates on the front page and Facebook. ^^ Trying to sound enthusiastic all the time is actually a lot harder than it looks, but knowing that people will read it makes me happy :D
    Sort of. I'm learning about 3D modelling, texturing, and other stuff invovled in making games look pretty 8D

    Yup, that's right!

    Lol, I'll know who to go to when I'm troubled with financial stuff then xD; How's the course overall?
    Wow, what a coincidence!

    I understand; I'm like that as well, but just more prone to distraction. xD Which is really inconvenient since I have to use the computer so often.

    Yeah, I'm in college. I'm studying Game Art and Design in art school. How about you? :3
    yeah I meant that hehe ^^ sorry if I didnt make it clear enough. Alright. should be up in a while =)
    Hi! I was starting to make your sig (btw sorry for the delay) and saw you asked for a 'platinum' sized tag so I was wondering..what size is that more or less? ^^;;; I know the sizes for avatars but not really for tag, sorry for the bother
    I'm doing okay actually. Midterms just finished, so things aren't as hectic as they were before. I catch a break every now and then to come online and see how everything's going, and try to stay up to date :)
    That's okay. I was busy with schoolwork as well :)

    I know, right? It's been a while, but we never talked! How are you doing?
    Hi again! :D Hehe, we friended each other a while ago, but we never talk! So I'm just asking how you're doing and all. :)
    Nah, I'm more than satisfied with my current breathtaking avatar, thank-you-very-much >w<
    There seems to be something fron with your internet connection then, as I can now write in full again.

    Anyways, thanks for the pics...Roxas and that Mushroom heartless is really a cute pic, and Sora does some funny faces in that gif...lol.
    Well, if you remember the name of the thread, you could always click on 'Find All Posts' and search for it. But I realize it was a while ago and you may not really want to. I'm sorry, it just makes me really upset that someone would go as far as to call you, or anyone really, stupid, especially when there's a clear language barrier. That isn't really something I would/will tolerate.
    Oh wow! I didn't know it was that serious! If you know where the post/posts is, I will definitely be handing them an infraction!
    If someone is trolling you in the KH section you should totally tell me and I'll yell at them and be mean and delete their posts! <3
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