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  • I apologise again! lol Exams, graduating has just made me tired and lazy. Of course. It always manages to do that someway...somehow. xD

    Are you...Nomura :O?
    Sorry for the late reply! Kinda felt bad neglecting my messages so had to answer the ones before you :3

    Lol...that's really creepy. But I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. No matter how long you leave, you'll always come back lol. I believe that's because of the people here though~

    LOL Wut? Nomura trolling me now :(
    No prob. :3

    Am I a wrestling fan? Somewhat.
    I have friends who absolutely love wrestling—whenever they stop by my house, I’m literally forced against my will to watch it. xP
    I'm glad, I always try to do my best with them ^_^

    So how would one go about pronouncing your username? It looks like Saint Mysteryaire (Miss-ter-ee-air)
    wow, thanks ^_^

    I try to keep as familiar with the series as I can, and I always look back over my posts to see if they make since (a lot of times they don't, lol... I have to put them a different way)
    I see. Seems a lot of people do that...forget about this site but end up here again in the end lol Chains I say...chains.
    Pretty much the same, except this my one and only account~

    Random question: what does your username mean? xD
    even without trying, everyone I seem to start speaking to is 19/about to turn 20.
    O_O I actually thought you were younger xD
    And now...it's 11pm xD Guess we have the same time zone then. Isn't it a bit late to playing a console like that? When it comes to consoles, time is dangerous thing ;A;
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