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  • Nothing too crazy? But I was going to bungee jump and get some drugs and alcohol this week! Haha, I'm kidding, of course. I'll mostly be relaxing, with a trip this weekend and some shopping later this week.
    It's Spring Break, but I went to bed at my normal time yesterday. So now I'm up at school hours, doing nonschool things. Hooray! Thanks, Reflection made it for me! I love it so much~
    Seriously? The only girl? That's so weird... You're so easy to get along with, after all.

    Aw, I loved that scene! :D Thank you! And you're welcome~ X3
    ~Happy Valentine's Day~
    No , but i wish, i saw it on the federator site, Pen Ward(the creator) said that if another gender bent episode is made it will have Marshall lee as a focus
    I'd like to watch the ball drop, too. With juice~ haha.
    I think I'll just sleep through it, too, since I know no plane pilots. Well, there's one kid, but we're not really acquainted. :D
    Hello! I remember fighting Riku in there... >.< I'm going to wait it out with my family. You?

    By the way, how would one prepare for the "end of the world"? :3
    :D That made me think of Phil in 358/2 Days. <3 Hehe, awesome. :D Unfortunately, I've never watched it, but I want to. :3
    Well first, you double click the RIku Replica banner and select to put it in a new tab. Next, copy and paste the url characters AFTER the characters that spell http:// in order to paste it safely during the following steps. Then, go edit your signature and click on the icon with the blue/green photo on it, which will open a window that tells you to paste the image's url. Paste it and make sure it's in the place you're sure you'd like it in your sig and you're done!
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