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  • CAKE! Cake is good~ I love yellow cake with chocolate icing the most, it's pretty much the only reason I give my birthdays a second thought. =u=
    How is the assassins? Albedo? Pffft I'm plenty pale~
    What's your favorite cake? ^_^
    Accept the challenge! FIGHT THE SLEEP!
    *pokes with stick* Dx Fight!
    Quick talk about something you like, it'll get your focus off sleep!
    You dont have to if you dont want to. =3
    What? NOOOOO Stay with me! We got a good half an hour left before I have to go! I NEED YOUR PRESENCE.
    You wanting to post one there? Yes that is right, I usually use imgur.com
    Yeah just can't seem to completely drift off to sleep. x[

    Your seem down today. =O
    Likewise, bout the only you'll find is the few in the 'post your picture' thread here. xD
    I can't sleep during the middle of the day, not sure why. Dx

    Ever watched Legend of Korra? 8D
    xD I didn't see a curl. I can't get it to show up. D=

    I know. Hopefully it goes by fast and even more important hopefully I get that MM tomorrow. xD
    *o* Is it a lot longer than that last one you showed? (the cosplay one)
    Not really, going home early is nice but I hate to be up early. x'D
    *o* That long!? It must've taken quite a long time to grow it that far. You dont like it curly?
    Dont fret we can amuse each other for a good hour still~ 8D
    \^o^/ Poppet your back! An hour!? How long is it!? x'D
    I'm fine but I have a morning shift. TnT So no late night for gram this time. </3
    It's a miracle the market is open at all.
    I'm not sure I want it, some positions are rather....unfavorable. Though full time driver would be boss! *u*
    Being left out isn't a bad thing, better to be left out than force it and things go wrong. Sorry to hear that, your to nice for that. =[
    Had no idea. *o* though guess that just shows how bad Kentucky is lol.
    OH! I dont get that, in fact, they set it as a goal for the main staff there to sell like that regardless. It's rather sad. We are! But we get the less time! ;A;
    ouo AH~ So your just tired of waiting then.
    Wait really? o_0
    Commission? I'm mostly for backup delivery driver though I do everything from stock to cleaning the store.
    But isn't rushing into it just to have that feeling more like infatuation than the actual thing? =/
    Good luck with that. Last time I searched apartments everything was crazy high.
    It's a autoparts store, the holidays haven't been helping. lol I see, is that really such a bad thing?
    Daw Thank you~
    Wow that's quite the house full. xD I'm an only child so it's just three of us for me. Though I do have cousins ranging nearing the hundreds in this state and indiana alone. ouo
    xD I see. I thought you always had a girly/awesome mood. If it helps I barely have hours and have never dated. =u= All I have to keep me company right now is you or whoever else shows up on here.
    4 seasons!? *o* That's quite a lot, had no idea. Usually when I have the tv on it's on history, science or a cartoon channel if I managed to find an old one I watched as a kid (love the nostalgia rush~ xD)

    Bout the only things I sit down to watch fully are Toonami, Doctor Who and Legend of Korra.
    Cause my luck has just proven to be otherwise. xD
    No, wasn't aware it was still on actually. ^^'
    Oh I see. I'm not used to helpful coworkers so that went over my head. xD
    You dont know my luck very well. xD
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