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  • That's a good thing? x'D
    I know! I'm never that lucky, bet that used up all the luck I have for two months. xD
    That sounds like it is. I wouldn't have volunteered. xD
    A coworker. 8D I had a bunch of old stuff which wasn't old enough for cash and wasn't new enough to trade in so I just gave it all to him since he's the type to take care of such things and in turn I got his majoras mask as thanks!

    Now I'll have OoT and MM for my N64. TuT
    I'm fine!!! xD
    daw We can't have you losing your butt now. So your setting up a new store then. *o* That sounds hard.
    Daw I missed you too. xD

    Get this while you was gone I managed to procure Majoras Mask, the original N64 version~ >u>
    lol I long gave up on thrill, I just want more than a 2 mile town.
    =D I see. Can't wait to see one! You gonna cosplay for them? xD
    xD Then plainly ask them.
    That's okay I never make sense. ou0
    I'd like a middle ground, neither a city nor small. x[
    lol I see! So is it gonna be reviewing, playthroughs or what?
    Dont worry I'm sure you'll get them lined out. ;D
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO plug it in!
    No you wouldn't, it is truly over hyped.
    Why do you have to do that?
    lol hardly, though as a downside due to young boys attention span it's hard to keep them happy long as well.
    It's not cause their far away, in fact, my family ties make up a third of my small town. It's just that no one gets along anymore.
    =3 I seeee. Boys tend to be that way, easily excited ya know. xD
    =O wow you have so many to shop for. We used to have a lot but family relations isn't exactly strong now. Who's the two others if you dont mind me asking.
    lol Well that can't be helped your adorable. Just be blunt and say your not interested in just "having fun". I was raised on bluntness, you can't go wrong with it. =u=
    Three hundre-!? Dx W-wow I barely had it to pay 20$ for my parents. Thankfully they like things they can use.
    =/ Does no one bother to find dates for that crap anymore? Granted I've never bothered dating myself. xD
    You haven't bought it!? You need to get it, it's so amazing. TuT
    lol I see. Fraid of the alone business?
    Not only have I played it, bought it and loved it but I played it again the other week~ ;u;
    How so? xD Putting the phone down while others are talking again?
    It's a shame really, I have nothing new to play and it was only 20$ at walmart. =[
    That's the thing, while text heavy I dont think there's anything bad about the game it's just I can't seem to like it. Dx
    I dunno, it's certainly beautiful and actually a challenge which I dont mind but I dunno what it is. Each time I try to play I can't get into it. Dx
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