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    OMG I MISSED YOU!*hugs* are you okay?.... Is everything fine now? dont lie to me now><
    OMG you where on today??? How are you??? been a long time! Miss you!
    Hey, sorry about being so slow to post. I've been really busy lately. I just wanted to let you know I posted (finally) and Siam is camped out with a book by the lake. Talk to you later
    Yeah, I guess that does seem to happen with me sometimes. Do you know if Chi-Chan is at the cabin? If not, I'll have Siam leave her stuff there and than head out to the lake to think, you could have Dan meet her there.
    Umm, Sephy, what's been going on in Heartsent? I haven't really felt like reading anything on the forums recently, but I don't want to fall behind. Could I get a quick fill in if it'd be okay?
    Hi big brother! I hope you had a fun 4th of july!!
    Yuck! That doesn't sound fun one bit, hopefully you can still have a fun day even though you can't set off fireworks.
    I'm doing well, and yeah I am thinking about it; I've been in the mood for a romance recently. How are you doing?
    Nothin much just been chatin with friends and resting. Ooo Really??? Id love to work on that again!
    EEK!*laughs* Hi brother!!! *keeps laughing*
    Wrong about the ability, wasn't sure. Never got that high a level.

    Also I wasn't saying that you could Reflect it, I just though it would be dangerous because if you're close enough to the fire, it could pull you in and hurt you after the spell stops going.
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