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  • It's okay. I had a feeling you didn't understand it, so I thought better to explain it to you.
    Swag, glad to see you'd like to join up with us, but your template, specifically your bio, are too detailed. The point of this RP is to learn about each other and how to control our powers. Your bio is giving too much; less is better so we can have reasons to ask what kind of life we lead, before and after.

    Same here with your powers: less is better and close to my or someone else's template. And I don't recall putting a jewel in the thread, do you? We got our powers by the radiation, that's it.

    I'm not trying to be a bad girl/guy here, but I'd appreciated it if you'd follow the rules, please. If not, maybe this isn't the one for you here.
    that's cool man. i'm not trying to be overbearing but my xbox broke and shit's pretty boring lol
    hey i know we don't talk much bro but after a year of being inactive i came back to the site roughly a month ago and the freestyle thread pmuch died and dariens gone.
    Hm. If you can get me a decent enough RP, I'll consider jumping in. It's been a while since I RPed anyways
    Ohh, I've been good! Been writing a bit, not really RPing, I should fix that soon... But I'm in Mexico for a little bit visiting family! Unfortunately, one of my uncles died while I was over here :I

    But enough with the depressing stuff, how're you?
    Ah yes, can be a troublesome if you're not up to date with things and you've got lots of stuff pushing you back from being up to date at every second of an RP.
    I've been good, going through high school slowly, gaming like always, moved countries and constantly RP'ing. So honestly, not much. You?
    Why does it seem that Skitty and I are always after you to edit your posts? I think you've got Lucien mixed up with Varen and Jordon; Lucien's a blond. He doesn't have black hair. And I saw what you were talking about with Skitty about Chi being able to sense that Lucien's an angel; it's fine I guess, just don't have him go blabbing that information around, or Lucien might be forced to become very... unpleasant. Again, sorry about seeming like I'm harassing you over little things; it's just that it drives me crazy when someone gets something like that wrong about my character because it makes me feel like they haven't taken the time to read the temp I put up. You're a writer too, so you get that, right? Any way, working on getting my post up; just need to edit Lucien's part to include what you did with Chi. And sorry about the delay!

    And yeah, that's kinda the impression I was getting when I read his bio, I was double checking things, 'cause I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly.
    I know what you mean, but just so we're clear, with the fact that Chi was playing the Reaper's Game so he'd died and then was brought back to life?

    The only major way I could think it'd work, is that with that fact, it'd make Chi sensitive to those connected to death. Again, talk with Dream on it, if you explain it and give a good reason, she'll probably be willing to let you keep it with Chi being aware of it because of that whole fact.
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