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  • It's just that no one's supposed to know right now, tell you what; talk to Dream about it and see what she says. 'Cause it's out of my realm since Lucien isn't my character.
    Haha, yup, that's totally true. And again, thanks.

    Nice edit, but you still left the thing with Lucien being an angel in there. Sorry if it seems like I'm nagging, but could you remove that from the post? No one's supposed to know about him being an angel until later.
    Hahaha, now that's amusing, the reason why it seems like that is that with me still recovering; I sometimes push it too much during the day. It's not bugging me tonight, but I'm still grabbing an antibiotic tonight.
    I'm feeling better now, and it was just taking a bunch of energy and concentration away. Nice thing is, that now it only seems to hit at night, but it's manageable now.
    Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

    I've been doing okay, working, going to class, been sick since Sunday and now working on doing some rearranging around the house. So, yup pretty busy.
    Hi, the post was pretty good on KW, but I do have a bit of an issue on it.

    Nothing major, it's just that we (me and Dream) had a couple of posts done, all we had to do was post them. Would it be okay if you edited it, saying that Chi decided to head back to give them a chance? 'Cause Lia's going to be a lot kinder to Chi than Leon and everyone else. And Dream was going to get to posting on KW after she posted on Traces, which she's working on finishing up.

    If you want to still have it where he takes off, fine, but no one's (character wise anyway) supposed to know that Lucien's an angel, other than Mira, Jordon, Ivy, Willow and Varen.

    Other than that, I think your post is okay. How are you doing today?
    Okay, could've definitely done without yesterday night though; but it's no biggie. How's life been treating you?
    Dude your posts are all over the place. Like calm it down. First you posted about being where Jaakuna and Colby and Skye were. Which is inside Japan.

    Marko and Catherine are in Salt Lake City. How are you posting about seeing Marko there?? Like dude come on. If it weren't for the randomness I would have loved your post.
    Mhmm :D Let me know if I can do anything else for you.

    Warm Colors aren't really my strong suit.
    Lucien, and for some reason I want to say Jayden's in the Second District, you might want to double Wielder post just to make sure.
    Sounds interesting, nice job with your post on Keyblade War. Can I ask who the three were you were talking about in your post though?
    I know what you mean, I've been pretty snappy recently myself. I personally blame the fact my skin feels really itchy across my shoulders and upper back, there's just too much restless energy it seems like.
    Well, I try my best to post on time, but sometimes life gets in the way or my muse doesn't want to work, so instead of forcing something out and getting a bad post, I let the block work itself out. How are you doing tonight, though?
    Sorry mang.
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