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    Try these mang. The entire & sign thing was the worst, that specific font was killin it but I busted out another tag for you altogether.
    I thought I posted in Aliquam...that stock was amazingly annoying to work with and I hated all the results.

    If you don't mind giving me another stock I'll still make you an avatar.
    Dunno why, but the acoustic version of "Lindsey quit Lollygagging" is freaking awesome. A tear-jerker that song it ;-;

    Well when you have an all-star line up, it's a given that it's his best work. but yes, I totally agree :D
    Yeah, I get what you mean. I don't like how Brandon replaces 'lalala" and "da da da" for actual words, but he still does it in a like melodic tune ^^.

    This is the only time I think I can actually say that Drugs are awesome XDD
    Okay, so that previous plan I told ya, me and tony(DJ) came up with a better plan ;D...i mean, I'm still gonna go with it, but a variation.
    Also, kinda need a clarification on who I need to talk to for Jaakuna's current mission"? You know the one I created for him XD. Perhaps a king he can talk to or something.
    I got some plans for Jaakuna. :D Just need some clarification that he can venture to the Soul Society on his own? Kinda needed for what I have planned. >:D
    Yuppers! And thats why I pay attention to drums more than anything else. Consistency is key broski~

    I've listened to their latest album, and both songs with LIGHTS have got me won over <3

    :O that's pretty good. If that's what the future of Post-hardcore is going to be like, then fook man, it's going to be great :D
    "gaia bleeds", "the few that remain", and "this will be the death of us" are three of my favorite songs. Surprisingly, their all from the same album XD

    I've become like really in love with drums. I can tell how good a band is by their drummer. If the drummer sucks, then well you know the band sucks lmao

    I found that both of those genres are more about saying "fuck you", and not singing heart-felt lyrics. I think the only grindcore/deathcore band i can jam to is Bring Me The Horizon. They actually have some good stuff.

    Oh please, teach me he ways of hardcore, master. *begs*
    heheheh ;]

    Yeah, I'm all for hardcore, just sometimes bands go waaaay too hardcore. I mean, I think Metalcore is as heavy as I'll go for a casual listen. If I go for a full-on, reading lyrics until my eyes get tired listen, then yah I'll go to deathcore, grindcore — anything that has kickass drums :D TDWP isn't on my favorite list..actually not a big fan, but they has some pretty cool tunes ^^

    That wasn't..half bad, actually. To me sounded like a lighter version of BMTH and Suicide Silence. Definitely could see myself buying their records. :3

    Yeah, they just started out. I'm sure all bands started at a very hardcore level. Just take BVB. they started out as Post-hardcore, but now their forging themselves into a solid glam metal, Hard rock band.

    Oh shi-- it's almost 11pm. gotta hit the hay. Catch ya later, broski~ =3
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