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  • Now don't go on marryingme. :p. I like ya, but i don't roll like that xP What can I say? I'm a punk rocker at heart :D!

    I see you like the more hardcore shit of the genre. WCAR are pretty legit. ADTR is fooking awesome. nuff' said. Never heard of The Color Morale, Secrets, or Casino Madrid :O

    On a related note, if you like metalcore, but moreso, indie metalcore, then you should go to facebook and look up "Endure the Beheading". I'm not sure if you'll like em, but my cousin is lead vocalist/screamist, whatever you want to call it XD.
    Me, not a big Exodus fan :/ Like a few songs, but that's it. xD

    Just to name a few off the top of my head, A Skylit Drive, Escape the Fate, Black Veil Brides(say what you will, they're good), Attack! Attack!, Silverstein, Sleeping With Sirens, and From First To Last

    Okay, yeah a bit more than a few, but those are some of my most listened to bands of the post-hardcore genre. :D Hbu?
    I'm a post-hardcore nerd too :O Some of my favorite bands are long the Post-hardcore and pop-punk genres. Yesyes, I have such a wide variety of music. I'm awesome like that :>

    I love Dream Theater, but Queensryche never clicked with me xD. I don't even know what Death Thrash sounds like LMAO
    With some of the bands that claim to be metal nowadays..not referring to the actual good new bands, but the ones within grindcore and deathcore genres. I wasn't into metal as much as I should have been when it was good, so I try to listen to as much as I can.

    Dream Theater, yes; Queensryche? Nope, not at all. Don't like them xD
    I only heard of August Burns Red. Too hardcore at times for me :c

    Iced Earth tonight :D Might throw in some ASD for when i sleep :3
    Not much man. Listening to some good music, and chillin' like a villain. 8D what's up with you? :3
    Glad to hear it :D Yeah, most cases I just let the character grow with the RP, but sometimes you just get ideas and have to write them down as a 'just in case' plan. Will do, probably type it tomorrow. Sleep time.

    Good night, ttyl~
    LOL must be the case xD how's your day going?

    I've been brainstorming plans for The Brain's future, will have to pm them to ya once I write it down~
    Yep! When I came back to the forum, I was just visiting friends. Then when I was browsing the RP section, saw the Bleach RP was just starting, saw the awesome cast, and decided why not~
    No problem, thanks for making the RP ^^ And hey, with this cast, it very well could be the bestest!
    Hehe, not everyone likes it like I do...which is that I love it..a lot haha. It might be because i love mozzarella cheese in general. xD
    That may be so, but unless I have something to scoop it up like giant scoops up humans, I will not eat it, and I do not know why. xD

    Well...since you asked, String Cheese is the facking shit :D
    Ew, Cottage Cheese. No disrespect to those who eat it, but I can't stand it unless I have a buttload of crackers with me..oh and lotsa salt. xD
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