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Szayel Aporro
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  • meow meow meow meow [wait seriously?! 5 meows is shorter than 25 characters?! i call sheannigans!]
    It's been to long since I've spoken with ya! What's up Muffen, and no I refuse to call ya by ya new name!
    Oi sounds like fun! I shall be up to noooothing. At all. So yeah.

    -Rolls onto back, laughing- I was only joking aroooound!
    -Rushes in- I heard screaming-- what's going on?!
    -Curled in a ball on side-
    Any plans? o3o

    -Crying a little and looks up- D-D-Dell!! -Eyes pleading-
    Nooow it is the weekend! And everything is good and holy!

    -Wakes up, turns the color of tomato, flails-
    S-Stop it! Mi-! -Interupted by another kiss and pushes away despritely and to no avail, legs frozen-
    Well-- tomorrow is Friday, so... all is good and holy.

    -Devious grin and looks at Rin- Nkay. -Kneels next to her and goes to kiss her-
    >u< Almost over, though! ONE MORE DAAAY.

    Dude... -Stares- I think you killed her. I think she's dead. She looks pretty dead.
    It's only Thursday and I'm already tiiired of schooool.

    Woah! -Dodges-
    -Smack- GNUEGH! -K.O.-
    R... Rin...?!
    Rin: Dell, you dance like a fruitcake.
    Mikuo: Haaahaaah what is that I don't even.
    I used to have it first thing in the morning. Which meant it was cold, wet and dark ALL THE TIME. But this time around, this is female fitness, (or "girly gym", as I call it.). It's mostly indoor stuff like self-defence, yoga, weight-lifting, ect. It's no biggy. As long as it isn't running, I'm cool with it. I suck at running. So hard. I have next to no stamina.

    -Explosion of blushing- N-NEVERMIND!!
    -Blink, blink- Uhhhhh... what? -Looks over at Kaiko- Yo.
    Yeah, I'll live. But thinking of switching that class to gym, mostly because my friends have 2nd period gym, too, and also because I'm so unhealthily out of shape..

    -Rearranges characters since RP no longer exists-

    -Swallows, blushing- A-actually... I-I... I was thinking...
    Mikuo: JEEZE it's been a long time since I've been here! -Waltzes in-
    My schedual's the same. DD8 I have no friends, and one of my classes is even a Grade 11 class. You guys scare me.

    -Crosses arms and glare glare glares-
    H-How did it gooo? D:

    -Slaps hand away- Y-You're patronizing me!
    Uggghhnnn. Nuu. I do not look forward to school Tuesday...

    -Grips fists- A-As a matter of fact--!! ... ... -Blushes and looks at floor in defeat- ... no... it's... it's not...
    Dewd yes.

    -Bluuuushes and throws orange at his head- M-maybe I have gotten some! M-maybe... maybe I've been turning them down...!
    CALL JESUS! Walk on waaater!

    >/////< D-Don't... don't make fun of me!!
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