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  • hey sup. i read your keyblade thread. (it was the best thread in weeks) but there was a problome but i think if u change 1 thing (i could be wrong) this would all make sense. in the Special Trailer namine and ansem are talking about soras awakening. namine sais something about sora not being able to wake up if he dosnt have all his memories.(i luv understanding these jap trailers!)
    Hey there. I didn't get a chance to comment before it was closed, but I wanted to tell you I enjoyed reading your theory about the keyblades. Considering I'm not the most popular person around here, you may or may not appreciate it (j/k).

    But anyway, while the truth of the matter is still unknown, I thought your theory was very logical and the way you described it did address quite a few mysteries. I particularly liked the part that explained Roxas's ability to dual wield.
    I don't know as I'd call it "bulletproof", but it was refreshingly new way to looks at the events of CoM and KH II, and I always enjoy theories that employ some real thought and creativity.
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