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  • so even thou i just started working out i certainly wouldn't mind some advice?
    please :)
    I just get a kind of 'holier-than-thou' vibe from the way that you post. Part of it may be because you actually know what you're talking about when it comes to digital art and writing, while my writing is all very natural and my graphic art is, by lack of practice, woefully inadequate. The other part is just a mixture of the way you 'speak' and the way I interpret that speaking. Your online persona is similar to my actual personality in that we speak pretty plainly, consequences be damned.

    But yeah, saying that you may have been being snide is different from saying that you are; always an important distinction that I forgot to make, and I'm sorry for that.
    I've read what I posted to you numerous times, and I fail to see how anything I said could be misconstrued as insulting. If anything, that comment about the GIFs is more insulting towards the other forum staff/the internet in general, but I fail to see how that could be seen as an insult to you. Nor am I attempting to make you out to be a bad person. I find that it's hard to tell whether someone is a 'bad person' or not based upon their online personality.

    Maybe it's just my oldest-child personality shining through, but whatever I said wasn't meant to 'push the envelope', insult you, or portray you in a bad light. I was simply trying to make this kind of pettiness fade away; any sense of me being a dick is probably just a misinterpretation for finality, and I apologize for giving you that kind of impression.
    As I've stated before, I don't dismiss your comments or criticism on my writing. I take what you have said to heart about a lot of things, but I'm also not going to play dead (or pretend to) and not defend what I wrote. If I feel as if I wrote something in the 'right' way and you tell me I'm 'wrong', then I'm going to defend my position even as I take what you've said into consideration.

    Nevermore and I have talked about that little misunderstanding, and Sabrina's never had any real issue with me, I believe. Whatever kind of conflict or dislike you saw there was based upon misunderstanding and light-hearted joking, to which I did overreact, I admit.

    I believe I've told you before, but I'm going to say something and stick to my guns. I didn't post on your profile to seem superior; if I wanted to seem superior, I would have given you an infraction or posted a clever little GIF or do something of that sort. Instead, I gave you the reminder (key word) that it's generally a bad idea to make a post asking why something was deleted. You are the one that got defensive--or offensive, depending on how you want to look at it--so yes, I'm going to respond in kind. If you want to comment on my writing with the understanding that I'm not going to take your word as gospel, fine. If you're going to continue to not critique it, that is also fine. You are, however, going to either respond to this message, be done, and show me some form of respect without being snide or arrogant, or you're going to ignore this and be done with it.
    Is seeming like an arrogant ass a normal issue of yours, or do you just have a problem with me? Every interaction I've had with you has been barely cordial, and I'm beginning to get just a little bit tired of it.
    I wasn't trying to make an issue, I was letting you know that that is generally just not a good idea.
    For future reference, making a post asking why a post was deleted generally isn't a good idea.
    I'm pretty sure i'm in love with your SOTW entry.............. yeah i'm pretty sure.
    As I said, say what you want to say and believe what you want to believe, it's fine with me. Don't know why you're trying to prove yourself to me.
    I understand what you're saying about psychopaths and some sociopaths, I just forgot about them, but as you said you're not either. So you can see why I would doubt such a statement. However aside from the quotes, I was referring to it from more of a scientific view point.If you're neither a psychopath or a sociopath then the only way I would believe you is if you did something like achieve inner peace. Forgive me if I have problem believing that you coincidentally have studied psychology and sociology for years. By the way what type of education do have exactly?

    But this happened yesterday, so I don't want to talk about it anymore. Say what you want to say and believe what you want to believe, it's fine with me.
    Did I really offend you? Sorry bout that, just check the post beneath the last one you made.
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