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  • So in your honest opinion, what do you think of this?
    You sure your not related to an Apple? (bad fruit pun) You remind of that member a little bit.
    Just out of pure curoisty, I have taken quite the liking to your work, which raises up the question; how long exactly have you been at GFX? It's obvious your no noob, so this raises thoughts that your quite skilled, but I'm just curious to exactly how long. And there's no real reason, I'm just curious ^^.
    Hey thanks for the crit! ^^ I really do appreciate it!

    I remade the tag after taking your advice!

    Nah, probably not. I don't think I've seen you elsewhere. It could be that I've just seen you around here in various threads on occasion making you feel familiar.

    And haha, nope, no stalking here.
    hey, just wanted to say thanks for the in-depth crit you gave me in my last thread, it really helped. it's nice to see someone taking out time of their own to help others, thanks again.
    I believe you are the only person on the site that is, I daresay, older than I am. Or at least, the only person with enough forethought to change your birthdate to something more than a little ridiculous. For that, I do not like you. However, you are not ignorant when it comes to art, graphics or otherwise it seems, and you actually give legitimate and well-though out critique. For that, I do like you.

    In all seriousness, though, you seem to be a pretty cool kid. Welcome. Maybe you can do something to help these kids out in the Digital Media section.
    Dropping by because I had the urge to mention that you are pretty cool and that I feel I have talked to you before. That's about it lol
    Thanks for the explanation. I seen one of those shows about it and it seemed like they presented several valid points. I decided to VM you because I thought it would of been better than taking the 9/11 thread off-topic.
    Personally, I could see how it wasn't faked and honestly, I didn't believe it either, but if anything was faked, I felt it was the moon landing. The flag waving thing seemed to be the most convincing part for me. I didn't see that episode of Mythbusters though.
    Sorry about this, but since I'm on staff, my policy is to speak only in English on the site since it's an English-speaking community. I know nothing malicious is being said but I respect my peers either way; I hope you don't have any problems with this. :( Not to be nasty, but is French your first language? I assume you're French since you said it's good to see another Frenchie here, but I was wondering if you were bi-lingual since I can see some errors in your writing. Please don't be offended, this isn't intentional by me! It just makes me wonder.
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