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  • This was the post bye me!lol

    Hmmm well maybe Sora dosen't have his own heart?Maybe he was the nodody!And ventus was his heart, think about it during COM he did display much as a heart so maybe in BBS he loses his heart and Ven is placed in him but when Sora stabs himself Ven is relesed and they think that is his nobody but Sora himself is his own nobody.
    What do you think about that!lol
    I'm irritateing people and came up with a therory that Soar is the nobody and that Ven is sora's heat and that Namine is Sora's true nobody...it's complicated!lol
    Well maybe they will just anancoch the relese somethig like this:
    "So when will it be relesed in NA?"Says the reporter
    "We haven't relesed it yet!What is wrong with my Agents!"Says Nomura
    "Um no you haven't" says the reporter
    "Well call up all the Wallmarts we're relesing it today!*jappenese curse word*"Says Normura
    I used to go down to a bookmans and sell books and games for new books and games, now all I have is like twelve differnt pokemon games, Nitendodogs and KH 358/2 days.
    And I'm planning to get another pokemon!Sad isn't it?lol
    You should get a Wii, Xbox sucks.
    There are no good games for it and it's like a bad PS2 in graphics.
    Sure why not? :)
    [I might not be able to click yes for a friend request right now as my computer is acting odd, but as soon as it works fine, I will XD]
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