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  • "dirty desire", i think i might just go check it out lol
    don't just push it out of any plane, put it out of a fighter plane and order the pilot to shoot the homework till it feels our pain!
    HAHA, hey white men need to get in touch with their "black, gangsta g" side. my area ain't so bad either. is D.C. cool? my stepdad's thinking about bringing me there one of these days.
    a love affair with her music? who are you cheating on? lol, and why wouldn't people be excited about her new ENGLISH album? it's gonna be kickass!
    homework can go get pushed off of the top of the Empire State Building, and it can die XD
    Grace Brethren? Haha nice name for a school.
    I live in the county of Palm Beach, FL woot woot!
    and do you like it there in Maryland?
    hmmmmmm 3 or so years ago i believe =)

    UTADA IS AMAZING! sorry just thought i should go out and say that

    eh i have tonnnnnnsss of homework that i have to do, but i'm putting it off for tomorrow XD yep thats me, the procrastinator! research papers suck, and wait you go to a christian school? cause i do its called The Kings Academy, it's in the sunshine state of FL. well i'm not returning next year though =/ but its for the better cause the edu is a bit easy for me.
    ROFL wow... good song... good song... "A few times I've been around that track, so it's not just gonna to happen like that, Because I ain't no Hollaback Girl, I ain't no Hollaback Girl

    i'm good actually. listening to music right now. HUZZAH for music XD
    and you?
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