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Recent content by Teiku 5

  1. Teiku 5

    An untitled preview - A RoNami Fanficiton

    i figure i might as well get a little introduction out of the way. the reason i started writing this was for Passion. we were rp'ing together and discussing KH when pairings came up. to me Roxas and Namine were just as canon of a couple as any other could possibly be. to my surprise, i...
  2. Teiku 5

    $5 off at Gamestop

    if you pre-order BBS online, you get $5 off for the next three days with the code SLEEP. apparently even if you order it online, you can pick it up in-store. SAVE A COOL $5 Three friends, three destinies. Everything will link back to the...
  3. Teiku 5

    PROM :D

    so my prom is tonight. supposed to be a sunset on the beach theme. for once its actually supposed to be really good. i got my tux rented and arrangements to pick my date up. i even managed to sneak my way on the limo ride without paying :P. we'll see how the actual night goes. anybody else...
  4. Teiku 5

    Said what?

    Xion: Roxas....that's a stick. .
  5. Teiku 5

    How does BBS rank with the other Kingdom Hearts games

    KH CoM BbS KHII 358/2 Days Re:CoM yes, i listed Re:CoM separately because even though i loved and will still play CoM i just can't find the energy to play Re:CoM. i think BbS is going to be really good, but i'm not sure if anything will quite top the original. although i'm enjoying Days, it's...
  6. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    if you're implying you woulda been the most poplular, tbh i still like the others way more than yours (but yours is still great) so i still wouldn't have voted for you. smart people wouldn't have either. noobs wouldn't have either cuz they might not know you.
  7. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    i don't even know any of the participants (cept you Shink) and i stay pretty active on the forum.
  8. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    if it had been colored, yeah, it probably would have gotten at least an honorable mention. but right now it looks very unfinished and you didn't even make half of the design. you just cut it from the official stuff.
  9. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    i don't think you handled your space that well. everything seems crammed together toward the bottom. neither side gives balance to the other and Ven looks like he should be in the center but isn't. it woulda been nice to see the heart with a little more detail too. you did really nice on...
  10. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    did the winner get a prize for this? if so, the "winner" shouldn't be jipped out of his prize, but it would still be nice to rejudge since just about everyone agrees otherwise.
  11. Teiku 5

    Anime movies

    so in the past i've watched some of the Studio Ghibli films (Kiki's Delivery Service, Howl's Moving Castle, The Cat Returns, and Spirited Away) and i really thought they were pretty good. does anyone have any favorite anime films that they recommend? maybe other Ghibli films or something else...
  12. Teiku 5

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    yeah, the 2nd and 3rd place winners are my favorite. great work tomokii and Grapy.
  13. Teiku 5

    Predestination - Is God in control of our actions/our salvation?

    so i've talking about this with Gil and Nevermore over something that came up in another thread and i was just wondering what everyone else thinks. hopefully there'll be some people that understand my side so i won't have to reply to every post. anyways, here it goes. if God is omnipotent...
  14. Teiku 5

    Lag = OH MY GEE

    so i couldn't find the "Concerning the lag" thread...the search says all those words are too common and if i missed it....:P sorry. just thought i'd mention the site is SUPER SLOW for me again. don't know if this is happening for anyone else. it takes a long time for threads to come up and to...
  15. Teiku 5

    The Twilight Zone (marathon on SyFy New Year's Eve/Day)

    anybody else love the original Twilight Zone series? just everything is great about it.... the black and white. the great stories Rod Serling came up with. the twist endings. or the creepy endings. or even the endings where you learned something. just...awesome. so is anybody else watching...