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    News ► Scholastic to publish new Kingdom Hearts novel series, official character handbook

    ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap ten year gap teN YEAR G
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    About the χ-Blade

    Soooo, it's weird to everyone else that the χ-Blade hasn't been mentioned by anyone, anywhere, at any point in KHχ KHuχ or KHχBC at all, ever. Right??? Like. that's reeeeally weird, right? BBS onwards it's The Holiest Of Relics and people have repeatedly suffered and died over it, it's talked...
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    "This Was Used Before" Pod In Twilight Town

    ive had a slight theory for a while (built on a bunch of other theories) that there's a whole TON of pods behind that wall the track runs along and they contain the bodies of the dandelions. im not putting too much stock in this though.
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    Help eliminating vexen 1

    head back through the 10th floor til you get to the starting room and you can teleport from there. go backwards, not forwards. and if you dont get the red nocturne enemy card right away, dont worry about it. just keep farming til it appears
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 character theme songs?

    ah you meant the characters separately, i see. was confused. all g given the likelihood of , this music seems fitting.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3 character theme songs?

    may i ask what the heck "skuld xemnas" means
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    Worst Vocal Direction in the series

    so are we not gonna talk about joshua bc good golly goshua joshua in fact the whole twewy gang wasn't too terrific and across the series, you definitely get a sense that they just didn't care as much about making the voice work as quality as it could be in any of the games that weren't 1 2 or 3...
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    What is a good setup for the Xion boss fight?

    in kh3, or in 358/2 days? if 358, which fight or phase?
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    shouldnt sora be able to weild 4 keyblades, if he has 3 hearts inside him?

    dual/tri/quad wielding would be the coolest thing to witness and idk why this is the one thing we're not willing to suspend our disbelief on here. like. summoning magical theme park rides every ten seconds is A-OK but wielding multiple keyblades at once "wouldn't make sense because of...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    If MoM or the Foretellers projected those worlds themselves then presumably they're no longer accessible since those folks aren't currently around (unless they're hiding somewhere or w/e). However, one of the Dandeleaders is supposed to have their own copy of the book. Idk if the copies have the...
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    (SPOILERS) Union X: Source of the Abnormality

    I dont have much to add here but I'm thinking that existing "outside of the timeline" may simply refer to GCS being a world that can't be physically reached, that doesn't physically exist anywhere in space/on any real world map whether in the past, present OR future, much like datascapes, dream...
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    The treatment of women in this series

    why do people keep coming into obviously feminist-leaning threads to complain about feminism why do people keep coming into a KINGDOM HEARTS FORUM to complain about feminism alexa kill this clown
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    [SPOILER] Something about Scala ad Caelum

    firstly, i think you need to tag your spoilers. secondly,
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    The treatment of women in this series

    im a little late to the party but i thought id throw in my two cents firstly, real quick it kinda got explained but to clear up any confusion, the point of the Bechdel Test is not to be the Ultimate Feminist Criteria, but rather it's literally just the absolute minimum requirement. the lowest...
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    about the soundtrack reorchestrations

    hey folks, i need some clarification. the soundtracks for 1.5 and 2.5 were remastered from their original counterparts, i know that much. but i've been finding conflicting claims recently that KH1FM HD's soundtrack was not just remastered, but fully reorchestrated, meaning it got the same...