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  • The answer is actually quite simple: Steve Harris. While the three main songwriters of the band have almost always been Bruce, Adrian and Steve, Steve has always been the band's head honcho. And upon investigation, it's clear that over the years, Steve has become more and more bent on the material being done his way. A lot of the material nowadays is apparently mostly written by Adrian and Bruce, but Steve always has to throw in something to the songs too, whether or not it's actually necessary. And overall, Steve appears to be stuck in the mindset that every new Maiden song is an epic off of Seventh Son, as Adrian and Bruce have both shown they're more than capable of writing what could be interpreted as an evolved and modernized form of Iron Maiden. Not to mention Steve's requirement to have Kevin Shirley produce all of the new albums, and Shirley is a rather poor quality producer IMO. Bruce's solo albums were produced by his guitarist, Roy Z, and a lot of folks would much rather he produce the Maiden albums.

    Oh I know that. :) And while it pains me to say it, as Iron Maiden was the band that really sealed the deal for me and metal, I'm inclined to agree with you. They're more or less to metal what AC/DC is to hard rock. I'm actually pretty close to saying that Bruce's AoB and TCW solo albums are the two best Iron Maiden albums that Maiden never made.

    Hey man, I was wondering if you ever listened to any of Bruce Dickinson's solo albums? I know you find Iron Maiden to be rather overrated (and justifiably so), but I've been listening to Bruce's The Chemical Wedding and Accident of Birth albums, and I can't help but think you'd probably enjoy them both if you haven't already heard either of them. :)

    Yeah, that's the downside. People nowadays are more into the indie-alt than full-on, bang your head until neck sore, raw metal. Not that there's anything wrong with Indie-alt, cause I happen to be a moderate fan of that genre, but still sucks Metal isn't as "mainstream" as it once was.

    Mhmm, why do something so time-consuming if you're not gonna have fun with it. At least, that's the way you meant to say it, right?

    The drums can't just be the bass drums having a continuous beat and the riffs being soft and mellow. if there's gonna be hard-hitting drums, I better hear me some insane riff action or I'm outta here. Idk, BFMV is the prime example of this. While they aren't the best Metalcore band out there(or even a good one at that), they seem to be breaking out of the standard, and rather dull trend that follows within the Metalcore genre. Not to take away that BMFV isn't good, cause they are in their own right.
    Ah, you can always count on Urban Dictionary to clear confusing trends.

    Time can be a bitch to every form of creativity, whether its doing digital design, poetry, or any form of work in general.

    Just gotta make sure your members are dead-set on making it big. Of course, I know I don't need to tell ya that since you have that kind of mentality set in stone.

    I think I understand them now. I now have a newfound understanding, and heightened respect for bands. not only for learning to play each instrument, but some even make each riff, harmony, and every aspect that goes into one single song great, even if their not the best. Though, I gotta admit, I mostly look for drums when looking for new bands. I hold the philosophy that the band is only as good as their drummer. Probably not what all go by, but it's something that I think helps me develop a liking for bands.
    Oh shit, you serious? That's no way to support bands/artists. I always stay faithful to the bands even if they make it mainstream. Fans, like me, are loyal to their favorite bands/artists, and applaud them for getting signed. I've now lost all respect for hipsters..well now that I know what they are, I guess i can't say I had any to begin with. lol

    I don't think that could work...well not in the way you described Hipsters. :p

    Oh, so pretty much if you have common interests.

    :< well that sucks. What kind of sound were you guys playing, or the better question would be, what kind did you guys want to play like?

    that raises a question. I never was "intuned" into what Rhythm Guitar actually was. So, like...what exactly is it in terms of sound?
    Oh shit, than I guess I'm KINDA of a hipster :<. I tend not to even like mainstream. Not that everything mainstream is bad, I just don't like some of the mainstream(for obvious reasons).

    Social-awkwardness? Something you and I share lol

    I used to be like that. Staying up till 11am-ish, waking up 8pm-ish, and doing the same thing.

    Oh, if you don't mind me asking, how are things with your band? i remember you posted a link to one of your songs, but not sure exactly when it was.
    Yeah, I know what you mean. Most of the mods and surrounding cronies on here are, as you said, condescending pricks. Even after my four years being here, I still have to adapt to the sorry of an excuse we have for mods over here. And I don't know exactly what a hipster is(never understood the term), but I'm gonna take it that it's a bad thing?

    :< why not? And yeah, you know you have me, and the rest of us metalheads on here to talk to. Not all of us are a-holes and cunts. haha.

    It must be pretty late over in your area, unless you're an East-side-of-the-globe person? O:
    Unless Youtube becomes a bitch and takes it down due to Copyright Claims :V. but yes, Last.fm is another great site, though I never really go there myself.

    Anywho, sup man? I feel bad we never talk :< too cool of a guy(referring to you btw ;D) for me not to talk to :3
    Aw man, Limewire what I used to do in my spare time when I was in Middle school. Always downloading songs I heard on the radio. Nowadays, we have torrents, so we can download a whole discography(or buy the albums if you have the money). But if you're looking to into Manowar, but don't want to download the albums, I recommend signing up for spotify(download it and all that jazz). They have almost everything for almost everybody.
    I haven't either. They have quite the number of albums under their 20+ years of being in the business.
    Dude, now that I know you like Manowar(didn't know that bout ya), what's your favorite album(s)?

    Mine has to be Louder Than Hell, Battle Hymns, Warriors of the World, and The one with Son of Odin, and the like. Boss album is boss~ <3
    I do well. Have a bit of a stomach-ache, but I'm listening to the Dante's Inferno re-recording again, so that's good~ :D
    Question: how do you upload songs to YouTube with the album art? I can't fucking figure it out and I have some crazy shit to upload. :/
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