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  • !!*Runs with Riku and gets in front of the girl*
    Hey!! pick on somebody your own size!! *raises his fist at the heartless*
    Can you resize a sig for me? Thanks

    *Walks alongside Riku..noticing something wrong by the look on his face*
    Hey riku..are you alright?
    ~Sora obtained a Dark Crystal
    ~Riku obtained a Gummi block

    Sweet!!!Now we just need more parts.
    eergh...don't be so cocky all the time.*sweats a bit, then starts slashing at the heartless..weakening it*
    Just believe Riku!!! *Twirls around the lighted figure, as the light forms to appear as the Keyblade, he performs a 3 hit-combo..powerful lights flash*
    Right!! *Runs towards the monster, jumps over it and quickly slicing the creature's back. It's body dissolved with a darkness flare, but quickly regenerated back*
    *the creature slashed at him, but he blocked every attack. it then started to bite off the sword.* Errggh!!!
    Riku!!! *Runs infront of him and gets into battle stance with his sword*
    *The creature roars in anger and agony*
    ~Tension Rising~
    *searches around the store, but no sign of anyone here* Hello??*His echoed voice reached all around the room causing dead silence in its wake. something waiting behind the counter* Is..anyone there?? *Confused he heard faint breathing and slithering, then he flicked on the lights*
    Right..*runs off to the workshop and knocks on the door..nothing..Opens the door slightly to peer inside.*
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