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  • Well all of the plot stuff has been sort of thrown around, now I'm waiting for Kurai to actually write something out, but he has been busy IRL. So, yeah. THE WAITING GAME.
    I ended up creating him out of boredom, actually. I have yet to talk to Kurai about his overall involvement. Maybe they were secretly charged with protecting one of the artifacts, but they have to go about business as usual. This could lead to some interesting character development for him.
    Looking over your and Aldrain's messages, I'm not exactly sure how to respond. Did you want to help world-build, or be a player? I'm fine with either, I just need to know what you prefer.
    Hm, I've been thinking on that- Kurai and I are going to be each faction's leader, I head up the Human faction and he heads the Hybrid faction. I was tossing around a faction of good-for-nothing mercs who constantly terrorize both colonies because of a lack of business. If you're interested in being this guy:

    Then how bout this instead- how about you be one of the players in it? Just to help get it started right away.
    I figured you did it yourself. you're headed in the right direction.

    We may need some help later on, such as getting it all set up. But we will see.
    For sure. Why don't you look up Kurai on here and reach out to him. He has a vanitas set that I made him, so you know you got the right guy. (I'm also a GFXer.)
    It's currently at its basic form, with details scattered about, but it's coming together and rather promising.
    Here's the most basic synopsis of the general idea-

    (This is Kurai's sum up of it.)

    So, now we have a pretty general feel for the Roleplay: the setting is a post-apocalyptic desert world plagued by acid rain. The characters take the role of a Hunter (a specialist in taking down threatening monsters) that belongs to one of two tribes, either the Humans or the Hybrids (I think we should come up with actual tribe names, but more on that later). Their goal is to attain two legendary artifacts that will open the door to an unexplored cave region, said to hold the key to stopping the acid rain and also great treasure (threw that in because I figured legends get aggrandized over time, though we could add treasure as well). When they finally open the door, they discover a vast cavern network that ends with the Acid Monster. Slaying that will cause the acid rain to cease and will allow the world to rebuild again.
    Just a bit of advice: On Clown College, the introductory post to the OOC thread is a bit hard to see. Consider a brighter colour.


    Remember to wash your hands before wielding a bat.


    Hisoka Shibata. Overlord of the Underlord of Cool.
    People will now look, expecting a gimmick. And find something much better, and far more evil... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
    Oh, no no no! You're thinking of... Something else!

    Seriously, though. Think of it. Ouran high School host Club: The Fighting Mongooses. In an Rp with very little fighting, I think it would be quirky, charming, and most important of all, eyecatching.
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