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    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    One thing that stands out to me is “Jiminy’s journal gets filled with names of keyblade wielders.” KHUx had a challenge where your name could be entered into KH3. I wonder if this is it
  2. The King

    Fairy Tales and Lost Dreams

    Space Jam JaYe - Fairy Tales & Lost Dreams Hosted by DJ Rockstar // Free Mixtape @ DatPiff.com Space Jam Jaye's newest mixtape. Shit goes hard brah. And there's KH references. It's kinda crazy. And it kinda reminds me of kid cudi's style. He does sample The Mood. A cudi song. Good 420 music.
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    Oh Hai

    My Girlfriend left me, Im considering suicide, toodles s1butz
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    The Orphan

    Holy shit was I surprised. This movie was soooooo good. If your having second thoughts about seeing it please pay the cash cuz it is so worth it. Its more of a suspense type thing, rather than scary. The twisted thoughts of this child and wht she does to this family is bananas. In short Peep...
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    Hey Guys

    Chuck Norris only wears shoes because his feet are to dangerous bare.
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    A Look Around You

    What a cool show. When I first saw it I thought it was stupid...of course, but after seeing it numerous times, it grew on me. Its pretty funny stuff, im not sure what type of comedy it is but I like it. Anyone else happen to see this? Or have an opinion on it? It comes on [AS] though
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    The Lucid

    I Was intending on making this an RP. But I figured I'd give it a shot as a FanFic first and see if it gets feedback. So read up and gimme some criticism. Try to figure/understand what its about. I'll explain if needed Also...im a first timer! =)...
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    Marvel V.S. Capcom 1 and 2 Discussion

    Yes boys and Gals it has returned. The ass kicking super hero game I loved as a 13 year old puberty infested man. Report: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 scheduled for June 29 release [Update: Capcom disagrees] By far one of thee best arcade games out there, I could play this for hours on in, tons of...
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    Office Relationships

    So, just out of curiosity what do you guys think of them? What have you heard about them? Do you think they work? Have they worked? This isnt necessarily like big time office, cash money type stuff. I mean even if you work at McDonalds, there's problems with co-worker relations, and theirs...
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    Shadow Hare

    So I wasnt sure If I should put this in Discussion Or Here.....Figured i'd get a few more kicks this way. YouTube - Cincinnati's Masked Super Hero: Part 1 YouTube - Cincinnati's Masked Super Hero: Part 2 ZOMG Batman! Watch out Shadow Hare is coming!
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    Help/Support ► Let's talk about sex, baby; let's talk about you and me

    Re: [ MATURE ] The Sex Thread [ MATURE ] It has returned Now I can talk about all the sex I havent been getting these past 2 weeks. Which btw is not cool at all
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    Hey Guys

    Look What I Got In My Easter Basket
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    New/Remake: Nightmare On Elm Street

    Freddy Gets a new Face. This man has kept me up many nights. And very alert in class and now....he is returning. ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake Plot Details Revealed - Screen Rant Impressive Fan Trailer For ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake - Screen Rant Really cool trailer. I...
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    Everything We Know About Coded | KH Mobile So Far

    Um when am i getting this game
  15. The King

    KH2 Shirt at Hot Topic

    I saw this...the one i saw...actually i believe was white...i may have been mistaken. But who knows I might buy