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  • Too true. Orthodoxy of any system is to be repelled against, imo.

    It's like Lupe Fiasco says, even if you agree with a power, it's always important to criticize it.
    Props to you to man, good answer. Definitely something I can resonate with.
    The only way to get over these types of things is to keep on writing I suppose, practice and all that. Reading helps too. Mostly it's like "okay, i have great idea but how the fudge am i going to execute it"

    I'm working on something ridiculous myself. Avatar + Batman = fun times.
    I can relate too well, I've felt all my writing has gone to hell over the summer, none of it matching it to my personal standards of excellence. This conflicts with my view that all previous writing is shit once it becomes previous but at least the moment I finished them, I felt I did a damn good job :|

    And that is how I got into fan-fiction.
    I feel really bad that Ms. Swan is the first thing people see on your page.
    you're welcome! and thank you!

    and i said this in the thread, but did you use the smaller one? there's some weird boxy edges going on in your av lol except you just fixed it
    because because KINGDOM HEARTS <: it doesn't have to make sense

    alternate explanation: it's organization xv, it doesn't have to make sense~

    he's a pleasure to read about. nicolle showed me some of your posts and i just love your writing style :D so amazing /gush
    laaawd <:

    well, i'm glad you like it~ he's seriously so fun to draw

    except for the swords :B /shot
    Alright, so...
    I've just reopened a KHI-themed FFVI hack project, and I'm in need of a Sabin Figaro. Would you be interested in that role--or any?
    hey hey hey bro

    Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

    what's with the overly complicated swords? (that i totally screwed up) :c
    Glad you remember me~ I would hate for you to forget. Well my dear friend, I have been quite many places. Not really actually. I've been sitting here in Queensland growing up. Death and mourning does wonders for the maturity level. That and teenage drama. To say i've changed is quite the understatement. However, I was talking to a good friend I made this year about the commish yesterday and by the end of our chat all I could think of was 'Screw this. I AM JOINING BACK! I WANT TO SEE MY BITCHES YET AGAIN!' SO TADAAAAAAAAAAA!~ Here I am. A year later, quite better looking (thank you teenage growth!) and better than ever. And I must ask, how has your year been dear? :3
    My god.
    The longer I look at your picture, the greater the desire to do inappropriate things to you becomes.

    I can't deal. ;__;
    And I swear, if you've forgotten about me in just under a year - I may have to electrocute you or something! xD
    So, I've said hello to everyone else now that I'm back! But I could have sworn I had forgotten to say hello to one very, very important fellow...I wonder who that could be... <3
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