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  • Hell Yeah! I love Gurren Lagann. It is my favorite anime. Like really. Simon and Kamina are two of the greatest characters ever.
    As the heavens opened up and the last drill fell. Kamina spoke these words. WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM?!?
    d'aww, well thanks <3

    it was nice being able to draw something serious for once~ most of my stuff is pretty ridiculous, if you've noticed
    hey hey you

    joe wants me to draw some org xv guys (i have no idea why, i can't draw at all)

    but cino said you had some really amazing pictures for charxai, so i was wondering if i could use those for a reference

    high school math is gonna be a bitch I already know. alright well I gotta finish my english homework and then go to sleep. thanks for your help.
    Yeah. But it just feels embarrassing when you're in a class full of dumbasses (seriously, we're the intermediate class and were still in chapter 3 -_-) and then when you ask the teacher for help everybody just laughs at you even though there getting the entire assignment wrong.

    jussaying lol
    I figured it out now, but thanks anyway.

    It's just word problems in pre-algebra make me so damn confused. Like if they would just give you the first half of how to set the problem up I could figure it out. but no.
    Hey, let me know if you get into Rice bud. I applied there last year and got a partial scholarship to go....but even with that, it was too expensive, so I settled for Texas State. I'm working on trying to transfer there next year though. And I know people going to some of the other schools you applied to: my brother signed to A&M for a full-ride track scholarship earlier this month, and a friend of mine signed to Colorado School of Mines for football on the same day.

    It'll just be interesting to see where you end up going.
    Depends completely on your choice. If you want them to have, then they did. If not, then they didn't.
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