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  • Yeah, and the site of a tiny little fly coming out of your wallet before you would buy either of them would be very upsetting.
    It was total hell/heaven when all of those good games came out at basically the same date or let it just be a week apart. It was bad yeah, that's like time of year where the good games come out.
    I was at a Gamestop and was deciding to get either MK vs. DC Universe or Soul Caliber IV, I didn't get either cause I probably guessed that it was to be a failure MK vs. DC Universe.

    First games like KZ2, RE5, Resistance: Retribution, inFamous, Dead Space, then probably Soul Caliber III or IV.
    Okay thanks, I'll think about getting it, but with other games I want to get, its definatley going to wait for others.
    I haven't ever noticed about getting Soul Caliber IV, is it any good. I realized you said you haven't played it much, but in the time that you have played it.
    Yeah, we've seen gameplay videos of FF XIII, just no videos for FF versus XIII. Until then I may decide then, but I might get both as well.
    I'm not sure which one would be the better one to get FFXIII or FFvXIII.
    I mean what kind of games that you intend to get on in later times. Like say many people are looking forward to KZ2 or RE5, like that. And yes basically what you just said.
    Just kinda going around asking questions, what games are you getting in later time?
    Hah, I'm glad you liked it so much!
    For a while, I was a tad worried about how it would compare to the previous video in my sig, "A Dance With Sauron", which was unfortunately taken down due to copyright issues.
    you didn't ask, I whored a lot of people today....wait later bitch
    oh never mind, go screw that girlfriend blow doll of yours
    gay humor aside.

    What's your true opinion of La Compilation? Is it fucking dark and angsty like Tim Burton and his movies or light and cheery and full of cliches like fuckin' Twilight
    oh please, like that bitch can please you like this Latin lover can lol
    baby, don't be mad. I'll rep that ass of yours with my sweet and salty rep juice.
    About that, I'll IOU for tomorrow night.
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