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  • I think it's big, sense it's a cruise ship, but I think it's my first time on one, so I don't have a basis of comparison. :d

    Either way, a little more time for it would be helpful, right? :c I think everyone probably faces a problem like this one way or another.

    :x Aw, that stinks... I dunno why I don't like spicy food so much, I just never have. Hehe, oh you~ :3 That's probably part of why I like you so much, you're so sweet~

    :I I can't remember sending any swapnotes out recently.... Which did you get? But, I hate to hear that... especially considering the timing. DX I only got the free downloads from the eshop, like swapnote.
    Hey, in answer to your question in RT, yes. You can save it if you need time to read it. Just no reselling this story for money, that's my one rule. ;)
    I don't think we are, but I'm pretty sure there's a pool on there.

    I haven't taken the writing part of it either time before. I hate timed writing so much... :c It's hard to think of something good and get it down well in such a short time... No time for revisions and hardly anytime for brainstorming. I'm not particularly slow in writing(although my handwriting looks atrocious) but it's still hard to come up with something good in that situation. :I Next time I definitely will.

    No, I can't handle spicy food very well. I prefer sweet things.
    I'm not sure, really. It's summer, so of course it will be hot, but I dunno how hot. I'll have to check up on that. We're making sure to get light clothes for it, though. :D I got some sundress just the other day, in fact~

    Then maybe they're just trolling us. :c Hm... I've considered it, but I'm not sure yet. Some colleges require that it be taken, so it'd be a good idea so I could cover the bases at least. I'm just not sure how I'd do. Are you taking it?
    Welcome back~ *huggles*

    Um... I think we're only going to be on for a few days to a week. I'm not sure, though.

    So they make it colder fr the test? I wonder if some weird study said people think better in the cold...
    ;~; Nuuu, don't go! We just got started...

    We're going on a cruise later! 'Til then, I'm just going to relax~ Maybe draw.

    I don't know how cold it was, but I remember I was practically shivering. :I Why must they make them so cold?
    Lost! *glomps* We definitely do!

    I know I'm taking it again, probably in the fall. I WILL break 30 on there!
    Good luck on the ACT! I'm sure you'll go well. One for calculating a house's dimensions and costs, for Geometry. One for presenting a solution to a controversy involving Machu Picchu. For Spanish.

    I'm going to try!

    Okay, I will! See you!

    Haha, AppleJack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow Dash. We must make Keyblade Seeker join and complete the mane six! Muahahahaha! Then the elements of harmony shall be ours!

    Also, hi!
    Even better, then! <3

    Yeah, I can see her taking that the wrong way... Perhaps she thought you were more and when you said it was simply an acquaintanceship it hurt her a lot? (I am now old enough to date, but I still haven't yet. Or flirted. And I'm abstaining 'til marriage, so yeah...)

    I was getting really worried, too, then he just reappeared! I almost fainted, I was so surprised!

    It isn't? But I put the URL right... I wonder what could be wrong. ;~;
    That's great news! :D Don't you love the feeling when a big project is finally off your shoulders?

    Hm... :d I think you might have somehow made her a little mad, I guess? Maybe she doesn't like you because of something? I dunno. :C

    I did, it's so great, isn't it?! :D
    I got the poster all finished up, but the teacher post-poned the presentation. Good thing, too, my partners don't seem to know the system at all... :c
    :/ the thing is, the presentation part of the grade will probably make up for that in her opinion... which is why they need to be studying! I don't want to hear "what system"? ;~; She's specifically grading us as a group, my grade goes down if they can't answer the questions.

    See you later!
    Due on Wednesday and none of them are helping. :c I think I'll go do more work on that... Seriously, I asked one of them if they'd been looking over the system, and they didn't know which system.
    It's alright, it came out on the Xbox 360 :/

    Thats good. Unique how? xD she sounds like a fun teacher.

    Alright, see ya later!
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