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  • Thanks for commenting on my KHi fic.

    You'd probably like the road trip fic I started. Check it out if you have the time.
    I like most of my teachers, but my biology teacher... isn't exactly one of them. :/

    The winner of that contest would be declared the "best". That's not very humble?
    I'm taking biology, actually. I think anatomy is next year. Thanks!

    I agree, it's been inactive... I don't know what we could do, though.
    T-T Lost♥s, I thought I'd lost you forever. Don't scare me like that! Do you know how much I missed you? ;u; Welcome back, buddy! *Hugs*

    I'm fine. Would be better if not for this project...
    Sounds fun! =3
    Yush. :D Maybe a contest or something? o3o
    Merry Christmas, Lost♥s!
    Me too. xD We can be humble together! :D It was fun! :3 How about you? =D
    (Not used to doing this over a phone...:I)
    xD Really? That'd kinda scare me... then again, I usually don't get to meet any of my family's boy/girlfriends. They probably think we kids are embarrassing. :p

    Aw, she's so lucky! I'm just learning Spanish... But my friend speaks fluent german, and I know one person who spoke French. I wish I could learn more languages and travel... Is it pronounced with a soft a or a hard a sound? I always argue with my sis on how you say it.

    On a laptop, I copy it from a document of symbols I have. I only know how to make them on a regular PC, with a number pad on the side. You hold down ALT and... I forget which number. Different numbers give you different symbols, but I'm pretty sure it only works with the number pad.

    Okay, I'll try it, then. :3
    Well hopfully you get your internet connection sorted out.

    As for x-mas I'm waiting for Mario 3D, LoZ: SS, and Sonic Generations (3DS). Also waiting for some DVDs and a book, but i'm really gonna be busy with those games. I can't wait for them!
    Thanks, I worked hard to find a new pic and siggie! :D I think I'm related to at least half the people at my school. It's so confusing. My grandparents, etc., all had a lot of children, and they really spread out. @_@ They sound really cool! Well, we never know their secret lives, right... Maybe they're undercover hoodlums. :p

    I have wished that, but I could never learn Japanese. A whole nother alphabet, and it's long! :I But the games, and merchandise... There's a difference in the ps1s? I dunno... *shrugs* Aw, that sucks. All the best things, and they refuse to export. Where's the business sense in that, honestly? My computer doesn't have any controls, possibly because my mom doesn't know much about computers.

    I love you, too, Lost♥s. :3

    I know, but what should we do? I'll post there, though, as a bump for now. What should I say...?
    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that. An older church friend of mine recently died, too. ;-; Her funeral was Thanksgiving weekend, and I was really touched. I'm always amazed inside big buildings! *o*

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra? I haven't heard of them... :I A life-sized fenrir keyblade? Really? Wow, congratulations! :D For christmas, I asked for a 3ds, The World Ends With You, and art supplies. And from a sister, a full family tree, because I'm getting confused about who is and isn't related to me but is still somehow related to my sister. xD
    "lost" could work for a nickname.

    3DS is the Best! Hope you got some good games for it. And yeah that's a little odd that your parents would not let you play games on your new system after your birthday.

    Sorry it took so long to respond.
    I am good and humble, O awesome fellow CoH member! :D How are you? :3
    Aw, I hate homework. Especially over breaks. I'd do it all last minute, though... ^^' Things have been pretty fun for me recently. :3

    My thanksgiving was really good! I got to see my cousins that I hardly ever see, and the food was great! You?
    I'm glad you liked my special, just-for-you, poem, birthday guy! :D Aw, my connection messes up periodically, but not that bad. Sorry to hear that... :c

    Oh yeah, that's the way to spend a birthday! \^o^/ Wow, a 3ds? I'm kinda jealous.... :p

    So how are you? I'm doing fine. c:
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