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  • That sorta narrows it down but did you find it in someones profile because the link you gave me doesnt give me the whole thing
    Cool avatar and signature. The avatar is a little small can you tell me what exactly it is?
    Hey if you check my signature i have a link to a group i have managed my user name on there is lovers4234
    cool we live really close not like neighbor wise but like are states are next to each other.
    Cool i buy something from there at least every week. Not where you work because i don't know what one you work at. My job sucks. I actually have two jobs. I work at the theater on the weekends and i work at Wendy's on week days from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. People sure do complain a lot at the window it's all part of the job sadly.
    cool what kind of job do you have. I'm stuck in a dead end job trying not to break the usher code. I get to say thank you, enjoy the movie
    This is totally random but if you could spend a whole 24 hours with Braig what would you do with him?
    Yeah I always had a thing for Xigbar. But then Sora had to play the hero and save the day by killing him. The thing i was curious about is why was Braig working with master Xehanort? We really wont know till KH BBS comes out in the English version. By the way do you know the release date for it.
    Yeah, Curse Terra for screwing up his pretty face. In my opinion, I think he does deserve more credit. Though he is the only apprentice to not look like there nobody counter part. Save for Ienzo who looks like he is 10 or 11 may be younger. you can not really tell.
    Just my curiosity, why do you like Braig? I mean hello he is very cute but I have never seen someone so obsessed with him. I mean the first time I saw a picture of him, I was like OMG he is so cute *shot* and you would agree with me,no?
    I have no competition *crying in shame* but my signature goes with my avatar too but again my signature does not compare to yours. Also my avatar is not a pixie she has no wings it is just a mini version of Rikku of the final fantasy one BIG difference!
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