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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    Just tested it, it works. I made an S-rank Meow Wow on a risky winds day with 15 Rampant Figments and 10 Vibrant Figments (these amounts are 5x the base requirement) adding a command seems to have no effect on rank, only on stats
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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    Also I just found out crafting a dream eater on a "Risky Winds" day bumps up the rank by one
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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    You can't add ingredients. When creating a dream eater, to get the S-rank you either use an absurd amount of the materials needed (I think the Japanese wiki said 5 times the base material, but I'm not sure) OR you make a Dream Eater from scratch using the higher rank item of the same dream piece...
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    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    Shadowbreaker. I think you get that from R & R Seal.
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    Command suggestions against mobs for grinding.

    Zero Graviga + Thundara Salvation (can be obtained from Kab Kannon/Frootz Cat) These are all great for grinding. Flowmotion is as well, jump of a wall and you can kill a ton of Dream Eaters with the shockwave.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D Community Feedback

    I have my HP Boost ability maxed out from my R & R Seal. The list says the HP Boost is available from my Meow Wow, but it doesn't show R & R Seal. Is it because I don't have his recipe?
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    Joystiq's review of 3D

    Joystiq's star system is weird. 3 stars essentially means that if you like this genre of game, you should play this game if you can ignore some flaws. I agree with that.
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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    Do they elaborate on how?
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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    Figured it out. I simply haven't unlocked it on Meow Wow's ability board (but it still shows up on my list)
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    Best Dream Eater party for a health/defense build?

    I think R & R Seal is definitely in there because he gives you all 5 HP Boosts. But I haven't gotten very far in game yet - what other Dream Eaters should I look for? Preferably ones that like healing me. (none of my current party of Frootz Cat, Kab Kannon and R & R Seal have healed me once)
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    AR card help...

    R & R Seal, Frootz Cat, and Kab Kannon are all S rank Dream Eaters. If you use the in-game crafted Dream Eaters you'll end up replacing them later as they are outranked, and you'll have to grind them up levels for their abilities and stats. Much easier to just use the S-rank DEs throughout the game.
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    Question about Dream Eaters and Abilities

    Odd... Once More is on my list, but I can't equip it. I'll check again and figure out whats wrong.
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Forecast Questions

    Ah, ok. One star is a light blue/teal color
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D Forecast Questions

    I think I figured it out. My forecast Dream Eater had a green outline and a star on it. I encountered it in that world's Special Portal. Maybe the outline and star indicates the forecast DE to be in the special portal?
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    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    You're right, Dream Eaters are a major focus of the game, So they should've explained them better. Maybe through trial and error I would've found out that eye color = disposition, but no way in hell would I ever have found out that you can forcefeed your Dream Eater a specific treat for a...