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  • Idk, it's a serious tie! Nintendo has Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Metroid, and Pokemon.
    Sony has Jak, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet, DCUO, Sly Cooper, and Spyro.
    Too tough to choose!!!! Can you?

    *nin nin nin*
    Haha yeah! Though I still can't say which I like more, Nintendo is amazing as well

    And if you make flaming ninja bunnies, you'd win the game of life, hands down.
    Yeah, their consoles exclusives don't hook me like nintendo or sony.

    Hahahahaha that would be amazing and for as long as it's on, you would be #1!
    Haha like how xbox gets the boot xD poor console.

    Nice!!! Flames are cool. Bunnies are cute. BUT FLAMING BUNNIES WILL BURN YOU WITH ADORABLENESS!
    I dont want the xbox...how about we trade it in for another ps3, so we can both have one and split the wii u?

    lol that's creative, I wish you the best of luck. I am a guy, so i vote for flames or something manly *roar*
    Nonononono, won't work. How about I get Wii U, you get xbox360, and split ps3?

    Haha what choices do you have?
    I'd give you the xbox, I'll take the ps3, and split custody over the wii u

    Haha how kind of them. what you up to now?
    lol same here xD they need to give me them all for free, problem solved ^^;;

    Haha they knew you were in a rush so they ended xD
    lol ikr? Wonder when they will make the perfect machine so they can stop making more xD

    And they did! Such a good Super Bowl, crazy stuff.
    Haha too late for that, Wii U on the horizon gotta prepare for Super Smash bro~ Also, here is hoping KH3 is on Wii U since they seem to like nintendo now

    This is a nail biter!!!!!!
    Not cheating~ Since I can't play the game, but still care about the story, I have to watch it instead~ Sad thing about bbs

    Wow, belichick is such a devious fox, giving the td away so Brady has more time on offense. Genius!
    Watched the entire playthrough, all 3 characters, the extra final boss, and the secret ending ;P

    Ikr? this is going to be down to the very end, a great Super Bowl!
    Yeah see? I can't say anything then ;P JUST KNOW IT IS SOOO AMAZING AND THE BBS SECRET ENDING MADE ME SHAKE IN EXCITEMENT!! no pressure ;D

    Good xD Yeah, it is very intense.
    NO! *itsalazerthatburnsthroughthingspleasedontruinitforthechildren*

    No, I can't do that! You need to beat it first and experience the raw awesomeness that is bbs
    That is amazing! I'd so enjoy one of those xD

    Yep! You beat the game right? Before I dive into spoiler-ville :3
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