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    mega man avatar beats the shit out of everything <3
    Trig, we really want the layout done soon. If you can't get it done right away, at least give the right size for the banner so we can get it out of the way.
    Oh yeah i totally knew you were a megaman fan, seeing the past avi's you had were megaman based, atleast i think that's what i remember. There's a lot of Megaman fans on here so i don't know. Well now the name makes sense, and yeah i agree, someone else had a similar username to me (back when i was Zion), and caused a bit of confusion. On that note, you plan on getting Capcom vs. Tatsunoko? (That is if you have a wii)
    1. So you have a disposition of long names, which may imply that you like to have/make things straight to the point.

    2.Trigger happy doesn't necessarily have to be implied with firearms, but it's considered more so than an intensity of emotions.

    3.Because the definition of trigger solely implies of something being used in a cause of action.

    So i just wanted to know the basis for you choosing that name, that is unless you already posted why in the Username thread in the Discussion Forum
    k, if you need anything else, let me know, edman responded quickly this time
    whats preventing you from that? you got the codes in private message right? all edman asks is that he sees the layout before it goes live, you have creative freedom so long as edman approves of where the ads are =/
    Alrighty, I already have access to the main site, but I'll just need a little help figuring out where things are. I also added you on MSN if you want to talk about the coding, etc.
    Aha, I already have the entire artbook.

    Can't find the second one anywhere. Maybe someone could get better scans from their guide, or maybe someone could extract the images from the game itself?
    Those wouldn't work. One of the main reasons I'm getting them is for our render gallery, in which I'm trying to contain the world art from the Gummi Map.

    Here's an example of one of the scans, though I have quite a few versions:


    I'll show you the rest after, I need to study for an exam.
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